Traditionally, I never liked the 280, then last year I felt that the 280 was just like a bigger 250 and surprise, surprise, I actually liked it.

This year though they seem to have abandoned that and made the engine really ‘wick’ and ultra responsive.
The chassis remains the same for all models of course, whether 125 or 300 so the only differences are in the engine power departments. So I had no probems with the riding or handling. But with such a quick power delivery, I really didn’t find the 280 an easy ride. I was continually fighting it and trying to slow things down. It was harder to ride a straight line on rocks and I also found it tiring.

Now, if I was a teenage whiz-kid straight out of the youth ranks, I would probably be running off with one now. The 280 is everything that a clutch-mad, hopping and bopping  young rider dreams of.

Flick it round a tight turn using the chassis and slighty suspension, then rev that motor up to full revs, drop the clutch and wham – straight up that six-foot step!

In a world of horses for courses this is just not my steed of choice.