After riding big bikes for so long now I had forgotten how manoeuvrable the 125s/150s really are. I felt like I was flying the bike was so responsive and very fast.

Too fast in places as I was overshooting corners due to lack of engine braking on the little strokers. Good job that the brakes are more than up to the job!

As if the 125/150s weren’t light enough, KTM has thinned-out the down tubes for 2012 and it is more than noticeable.

For me the 150 has the edge for obvious reasons (I am not a 125-size rider!) it is the exact same bike as the 125 but with more power so the kids coming through will benefit.

As nice as the bike is (and here’s the ‘but’) you have to ride it to the max at all times.

There’s no relaxing, it is all or nothing – but isn’t that all part of the fun of riding small capacity strokers.

WP have turned it up a notch this year with the obvious linkage system complete with new shock: so you only need the one shock now whether hard pack or seep sand. It is all done on the adjustment now.


KTM is now in the fortunate position – through hard work and continual development – that it has a bike in each and every motocross class with looks, handling and power to match.

The 125 is superb for the aspiring youth, it handles fantastically and is lightning fast.

Going into the middle class (MX2) the 250F is a bike you can take out of the showroom and race to win the following day.

And depending on your skill there’s always the cam kit to splash-out on!

The 150SX also slots into this class but as much a\s I enjoyed this bike would I actually buy it over the 250F? Probably not – but as a two-stroke class runner it is a real contender.

The ‘Big Class’ as it used to be known is a no-brainer.

The 350F is leaps and bounds ahead of any bike on the market simply because it is so rideable.

I am absolutely amazed as to how good this bike is.

It is light, it handles and is just so quick in real world conditions.

The 450F is a great bike but, hand on heart, there aren’t many people out there who can ride it to its full potential.