You often hear the phrase: ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’, well that is just the case with Carrickfergus and District MCC’s latest announcement regarding its two-day motocross event in 2012.


At the start of of the year MRA clubs announced their line-up of dates and events ahead of the new season but, much to the surprise of many, the popular Carrick two-day motocross was missing from the calendar.
Those who were around the club last year would have seen particularly stressful times for the club’s core members. 
Promoting four different disciplines of off-road motorcycle sport in a six-month spell, including seven grass-tracks, two supercross events, a two-day motocross at a new venue and a cross-country certainly took its toll on club volunteers, most of whom help out on top of a full-time working week.
Further to this, at the close of the 2011 season the club voted to drop the two-day motocross for 2012 while it concentrated efforts on other events and on finding a new venue – but always with a view to the two-day returning to the calendar in 2013, hopefully at a local circuit.
When news filtered out through the Carrick club’s official website, the club was soon hit with a substantial number of disappointed folk, asking why the event had been dropped from this year’s calendar. So club officials raised these enquiries at the January club meeting.
A week after that meeting 
the club then released the following statement: “There was much discussion at our January club meeting regarding the lack of a two-day motocross on our calendar.
“So after being inundated with enquiries from the motocross community, this has led us to re-considering the status of the event for the coming season.
“We can now announce that the club’s two-day motocross will indeed be back in 2012, for a third consecutive year, and it will be run on Friday and Saturday, August 24/25.
“Things have moved on quickly since the meeting and we are now in the position to also reveal that we will be returning to one of the UK’s premier motocross venues – Porter’s Pit, Desertmartin – to stage this event.
“We worked with the Cookstown team in 2010 and were extremely impressed with the professionalism of their track management of Desertmartin, one of the big factors in us returning there.
“This arrangement takes away a lot of the hassle of building and preparing a track ourselves.
“But we know that the venue and circuit will be prepared to the highest of standards, which will keep everyone happy. With our two-day workload now substantially lower, we can continue with our objective behind the scenes, of finding a new motocross venue within the local area, while also keeping our members happy by promoting the two-day event at Desertmartin.
“Over the next few weeks we hope to release further details on this event along with details of our first event on the calendar, a 
cross-country which will hopefully take place at a venue near Carrickfergus.”
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