Its always an interesting time of the year at the start of the season to see how everyone is riding and see how the winter training has been going for the riders.

At the first round of the British Trials Championship it was clear to see some really strong riders, so I knew that all events I rode this year would be hard to get good results in, which is a great challenge and makes it very interesting.

Since the first BTC round I have ridden a couple of national events, both up north. The first of which was the Cleveland Trial which I have ridden for the last couple of years and really enjoyed. 

Once again we were very lucky with the weather and had great sunshine to ride round in for most of the day. The sections were good, maybe a touch easier than previous years, but made for good practice for my riding and concentration. 

I managed to finish second behind Michael Brown, who was on very solid form all day and made no major mistakes. I had a couple of slips about half way round, which put me out of contention for the win, but I was pleased to keep riding strong and finish second in a very strong field of riders.

In between the events I have been trying to get and get plenty of bike time in, especially as the weather has been pretty kind and the light evenings are starting to pull through. 

I have also been able to fit a few training days in especially as it is the school holidays at the moment which I always enjoy seeing the younger riders progress and enjoy their riding so much.

The next trial I had was the Chris Carter the weekend just gone. I was pretty pleased in general with my riding and felt pretty solid on the bike all day. I made a couple of schoolboy errors on the first lap which cost me a couple of fives, which normally wouldn’t be so costly, but when I only dropped one the rest of the whole trial it did move me down the scores a bit.

After my early mistakes I was determined to use the trial as a challenge and practice for my concentration. I made a mistake once on the second lap with a dab but other than that was a clean ride which pulled me back up the results, so I was pleased to see it wasn’t too much of a bad day. But again the weather was very kind so riding round the hills in the sun was very enjoyable.

Now its moving forward to the next BTC which is next weekend in the Lake District. Its at a place which I don’t think I have ridden before so am looking forward to seeing whats in store when I get up there next week. 

I am hoping to have a good consistent day and try not to make any silly mistakes as always. 

It is always hard to get good consistent results in the BTC as there are so many good riders that can ride at that level very well. 

There is also the SSDT to look forward to which is coming up very fast, so I will be training towards that, hoping to have a steady week in the Highlands.

That’s it for now, feet up till next time and enjoy the lovely weather – ideal for riding!