I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how many times I check the weather forecast this morning it’s gonna be wrong come Sunday afternoon so rather than relying on somebody else’s guesswork I’m just gonna follow Robert Baden-Powell’s advice and be prepared.

And by ‘be prepared’ I mean I’ll chuck a pac-a- mac in my camera bag and go to Hawkstone Park dressed exactly as I have every other day this week. 

But whatever… It has to be said that I’m fairly excited about this weekend’s race although to be honest that could be said pretty much any week of the year. 

However, the entry for the International is certainly a little bit special and coupled with the fact that it’s all going off on the ‘baddest track on the planet’ means that I’m a reet giddy kipper! 

The MX1 class is simply stacked out with talent and in MX2 we have two of the favourites for this year’s world title in the mix – Pauls Jonass and Jeremy Seewer! 

Fans will also get to see the all-new factory fo-fiddy Suzukis, a rare MX appearance for EnduroGP ace Nathan Watson and a full line up of youth rippers in the MXY2 division. 

All in all bloody good value for money, I’d say… 

Fans of the Hawkstone International and the annual New Year’s Day event it replaced will no doubt be interested to know that Jack Burnicle has penned a piece on it for the March issue of Dirt Bike Rider magazine which goes on sale next Friday in all good newsagents. 

What I didn’t know until I read it is that 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the Salop club’s winter warmer with the very first tasty treat going off on January 2, 1977 – that’s five months before the very first issue of TMX! 

It’s run pretty much every year since, initially on New Year’s Day right up until 1999 when the International came along and replaced it – and what a good decision that was! 

I’ve long since lost the programme for that first international event but Burnicle reminded me that Brad Anderson was in the mix finishing a fighting ninth in the 125cc class. 

Now aside, from 2012 – when Ando was based in Australia – I reckon he’s raced every other year since which means this’ll be Brad’s 17th appearance in the pre-season classic. 

With that in mind please give the #60 Verde KTM rider an extra big cheer when he comes by at full tilt on Sunday afternoon! 

Other less aged Brits to look out for at the weekend include British champions Shaun Simpson, Elliott Banks-Browne and Adam Sterry along with Jake Nicholls, Max Anstie, Ben Watson, Mel Pocock and future force Conrad Mewse. 

Like I said, it’s gonna be a very special day! 

So hopefully I’ll see the majority of you there – I’ll be the totally out of shape photographer huffing and puffing my way around the place wearing a wrinkly pac-a- mac! 

Enjoy your weekend whatever you’re doing and remember to wrap up nice and warm and travel safe! Until next week…