“Noooooooooooooo,” I yelled towards the TV as Jeffrey Herlings’ KTM ground to a complete halt more or less live as it happened in Sweden thanks to the wonders of Motorsport TV.

And with that I tossed the remote control back to the kids and Blaze and the Monster Machines was back on before I’d even left the living room. Now it’s not that I’m a Herlings’ fan or a hater of Tony Cairoli either – I’d just have preferred the championship to go to the wire. 

Yep, TC was more or less on cruise control and the chances are that Jeffrey would never have taken back enough points to become the third MXGP rookie champion in a row but it’d have been nice to pretend that he just might have for a little bit longer. 

With a 101-point lead in the championship and just 150 left on the table it looks like Cairoli will pick up his ninth world title a full two rounds before the fat lady sings. 

And it’s a similar situation in MX2 where Pauls Jonass sits on a 45-point advantage over Jeremy Seewer. 

That one might actually go to the final round but the Latvian sure holds a healthy lead over the Swiss superstar. 

Back in the UK the Maxxis titles were also won early but the final round should still be a thriller – or Foxthriller if you prefer – as the two champions put in double shifts at the finale. 

Yep, both Ben Watson and Graeme Irwin have signed up to ride both classes at the iconic Wiltshire venue for this Sunday’s race. 

While that will add a little spice to the mix the chase for the runner-up and fourth place spots are already looking pretty spicy in MX1. 

Verde KTM’s Brad Anderson will start the day nine points in arrears to Gert Krestinov in their battle for second while Robert Davidson, Jamie Law, Ryan Houghton and James Harrison will all battle it out over fourth. 

It should be a fairly exciting day for sure. 

Things are a little more settled in MX2 although Mel Pocock and Todd Kellett are separated by just one point in fourth/fifth while Mickey Eccles, Lewis Tombs and Josh Gilbert are covered by six points in their scrap for seventh. 

While Keenan Hird looks unstoppable in MXY2 – he has a 24-point advantage over TMX columnist Tom Grimshaw – things are a little tighter in the Two-Stroke clash as Mike Kras sits on a seven-point lead over Neville Bradshaw. 

With Foxhill local James Dunn absolutely on fire in this class at present things could get tight although I hear Bradshaw’s going all old-school and digging out an ancient CR500 for the occasion as he gets prepped for the VMXdN that’s bubbling away on the horizon! 

Whatever, with eight championship races in the timetable Sunday’s Maxxis sign-off is well worth a watch. 

The action kicks off  at 9am with MX2 qualifying while the first race leaves the line just after noon. 

If you don’t know where Foxhill is then head on down to Junction 15 of the M4 near Swindon where you’ll no doubt pick up the signs…