The Michelin MX Nationals team are pleased to announce the venue that will host round four of the 2017 series. This event replaces event to replace the original round one.

Round four will now take place at Sherwood MX near Mansfield on July 8/9th 2017.

After a number of visits to the venue and following discussions with Barry Dring, we are pleased to be able to announce this new venue to our schedule. 

With the help of RFX KTM riders Ash Wilde and Nathan Dixon a major revamp is planned that will include an extended lap time and a variety of new challenges for our riders making it a truly national venue. In addition raised spectator viewing areas are to be added to give a greater view of the action.

Paul Irwin MX Nationals Director visited the venue on Wednesday and commented:  “It's my first trip to Sherwood, but instantly I could see the potential for a national level circuit that would make an excellent addition to the MX Nationals series. 

It's great to work with someone like Barry who is passionate about making the best circuit possible and I cant wait to see the final results. It's going to make some great racing, that's for sure."

Now that round four has now been confirmed the full 2017 calendar is as follows.

Round 1 – Preston Docks - April 1/2.

Round 2 – Lyng - May 6/7.

Round 3 – Hawkstone Park - June 10/11.

Round 4 – Sherwood  - July 8/9.

Round 5 – Canada Heights - July 11/23.

Round 6 – Foxhill - August 12/13.

See you all at round one in a few weeks at Preston Docks.

Picture of Barry Dring of Sherwood Mx & Paul Irwin MX Nationals Director.