I took part in a time and motion study the other week and the results are in.

Apparently 36.3 per cent of time is taken up with TMX, 37.8 per cent on DBR and the remaining 15.9 per cent on event programmes, 8.3 per cent on management BS leaving me just 1.7 per cent of my working week to make up incredible stats to start off my column with. 

But being honest I’d say that around 75 per cent of the past week has been spent producing the programme for the VMXdN that comes with a lovingly crafted DBR Special. 

While some of the event programmes we produce up here can be a bit of a grind, the VMXdN special is something I quite enjoy even if creating the first one almost made me late for my wedding! 

True story and one we can both laugh about now, two years on – happy anniversary, sweetheart… 

I think the reason I enjoy doing the VMXdN special so much is because I love the event itself and that’s probably down to the fact that I’m a 40-something. 

I was born in the middle of the seventies and raced through the nineties meaning that twinshocks were the first bikes I remember as a toddler, Dave Thorpe was a god to me during the next decade and Evo/Super Evo machines are what I predominantly owned and raced. 

The VMXdN is a slice of nostalgia that is basically right up my street…

The second reason I get a real buzz from it is the number of names I recognise while I’m trawling through the entry lists. I’m all like ‘ooh, I used to race him’, ‘wow, as if he’s racing here’, ‘that’s the guy that tried to punch my lights out at Finningley one time’, ‘ha, as if Eddie’s racing that Bultaco again’, ‘I didn’t know matey owned a Maico’ and so on and so forth. 

The whole process is a massive journey down Memory Lane and as an ex-racer who’s too broken to throw my leg over a dirt bike these days that’s quite often my favourite place to hang out. 

And I’m not the only one. 

The VMXdN is huge with more than 650 riders trying to get an entry each and every year. 

The fortunate ones then get to rock up at Farleigh Castle on the weekend in question and have the time of their lives. 

This weekend’s event is the world’s No.1 get together for retro motocross fans and racers. 

And since Farleigh Castle will be totally packed out with so many genuine off-road enthusiasts – people who sleep, eat and breathe motocross – it’s one hell of a chance to make a stack of new friendships and rekindle some old ones too.  

So get yourself down to the Farleigh Castle circuit this weekend. Despite us telling you it’s in Wiltshire for the past 40 years, the track is actually on the south side of the River Frome so is in Somerset. 

Regardless, it’s still where it has been since it first hosted a GP in 1966 and that’s just off the A366 to the west of Trowbridge. 

For all you non-map reading Sat Navers, BA2 7RR are the six digits you need to sausage-finger into your TomTom, Garmin or whatever. 

Have a good weekend and I’ll hopefully see you there (unless you’re the guy from Finno and you’ve still got beef)…