CURRENTLY whipping up a storm in the south west are these special PDS Triumph twin machines, perhaps the ultimate modern day take on a Metisse concept.

Sponsored by BNH Racing, they are flying high in the twinshock world. 

The bikes are the brainchild of former CCM racer and Haynes series winner Martin Perrett and engineer Mike David. 

Piloted by well-known expert Luke Hill, the bike has already racked up over 17 wins and four second places, including the overall Expert title at the recent King of the Castle event at Farleigh, where it was the only four-stroke in the race! 

And Luke also claimed six wins on this bike at Coombe Martin last weekend. 

How many riders have achieved that this year and on a Triumph-engined twinshock!

Hearing this machine around the track is awesome and the spectators love this bike, crowding around it in the pits to marvel and “wonder” at the engineering.

The really special PDS Triumph sports a Maico frame with Triumph head and barrels married to five-speed KTM gearbox from 1990’s donor bike which is where the engineering skills come in.

 On one machine the cylinder head is reversed with the carbs facing forward which requires a special air-intake and fuel tank.

The machines are piloted by Luke Hill and Brad Perrett