The 2018 TRS One will be the first machines built in a new production facility built at Sant Pedor, Barcelona, by the team headed by seven times Trial World Champion Jordi Tarres.

The 2018 models will be the 250, 280 and 300 which will be joined by an all-new and exciting 125 in October. The current RR - Raga Replica - model with its Professional spec will remain in production until the end of the year.

The TRS range has been making firm and steady progress with sales as many riders appreciate the simplicity of the layout within its sophisticated aluminium alloy perimeter chassis. 

TRS hasn’t attempted to re-invent the wheel, relying on tried and tested technology with a carburettor and simple electronic ignition. No computers necessary.

So for 2018 engineers have concentrated on fine tuning in the engine with several minor changes including Teflon lined crankshaft bearings for smoother running and less friction. 

There’s also a new kickstart, improved CDI connector, a new fuel tap and the bikes are now Euro4 compliant.

The frame has been strengthened and the new graphics double as chassis protectors.

Deliveries of the 2018 models are expected towards the end of the month.

New features TRS one 2018 ...

New design combustion chamber - Optimization of the chamber to improve it´s performance thanks to the experience and tests developed on the Trial GP.

Revised crankshaft tolerances - The engine will work with an improved freedom, for both increased smoothness and power.

Crankshaft bearings teflon - Specific for motorcycles, provide better friction to crankshaft.

CDI connector improved - Improved quality and external finishing on the connection area.

Hard anodised kickstart pedal crank - The new design improves the pedal operation incorporating a strong anodised finish

Homologation Euro4 - All displacements 250, 280 and 300 cc are produced subjected to the new Euro4 homologation standards.


Frame improvements - High level tests to improve toughness and precision on certain areas of the frame.

R16V rear schock adjustements - The new setting offers a softer feel on compression and better control on rebound.

New fuel tank - Designed to increase strength and fuel capacity.

New petrol tap - New design for easier operation

Rear brake pipe guide plastic - Looking for perfection on each single finishing, the new guide provides better auto adjustment on the rear brake tube when tightening the chain with no scratches on the swing arm.

Forged foot rest support - New design to increase strength and durability

New graphics -The new graphics keep the TRS One and it’s aluminum frame style, reaching at the same time a more racing look thanks to new graphics placed on the frame that also act as a frame protector.

Rear sprocket guard - Stronger and more flexible material