Get started in the world of trials with the new Gas Gas Trial School – a bike with features good enough so you won’t miss out on any of the authentic Gas Gas spirit, but with a smoother, more easy-going riding style just right for entry level riders.

Aimed at beginners as well as veteran riders who are looking for a bike that is going to give them the maximum amount of fun on an enjoyable day’s trials riding, without the high-end features of a full on competition bike.

And all of this at a price that won’t break the bank.

Without losing that Gas Gas trials and off-road character, the new Trial School is adapted to a level less demanding than that of the professionals. 

This is a machine for riders, who are more interested in a leisure sports activity or riding as a hobby and are looking for pure fun in a day of trials fun.

To do this Gas Gas has simplified some components, such as the suspension, which are elements that are overlooked by riders who are not so expert in the question of adjustments and fine-tuning.

Gas Gas aims to satisfy the demand for fun from riders with this easy to ride and easy to maintain trials bike. 

A Gas Gas bike made with high quality components, but without the corresponding increase in cost. 

A product adapted to the needs of an entry level rider, fans of a more relaxed, traditional style of trials looking for a bike to enjoy getting out and about on at a lower price.

And although it seems like a contradiction in terms, the new Gas Gas Trial School has come up with a magic formula for a bike that is both fun and relaxed without losing any of that authentic Gas Gas character.How have they managed this? 

Firstly, with suspension adjustments and engine mapping pre-set for a mid-level rider and so avoiding the common pitfalls of attempting to adjust settings in the hands of the non-expert.

Secondly, by offering only one size of engine – a 125cc two-stroke. 

An engine size that helps a rider get on well with the bike without unpleasant surprises for any riders regardless of ability.

And last but not least, an excellent geometry and balance with regard to mass distribution.

Both the front forks as well as the rear suspension of this model are slightly heavier than the rest of the series allowing better handling and traction in the new Gas Gas Trial School on all sorts of terrain.


One engine map only

Olle front fork (non-adjustable)

Olle rear shock absorber (adjustable pre-load)

Long curved exhaust 

Anodised rims with zinced spokes

Mitas tyres, tubeless rear tyre 

Hidria ignition

Braktec brakes

NG brake discs

TXT 80 Racing – the first step on the way into trials

Often the image of adults is reflected in youngsters, like with the new Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing. The new trial bike from Gas Gas is a small-scale re-creation of a full-sized champion. 

This machine has the same TXT genes that have written great chapters in the story of trial and now form part of the most recent addition, the smallest member of the Gas Gas family, the new TXT 80 Racing.