JOTAGAS has sprung something of a surprise by releasing these pics of an updated 2017 trials model along with a list of updates.

It will be available in 125, 250, 280 and 300cc 2T models – and British importer Haven Trialsport is expecting an initial delivery this week.

The Jotagas story is short but complicated and machines were marketed as Jgas after the original short-lived company was legally wound-up. 

The marque has now bounced back as Jotagas and the bikes are manufactured in Girona, Spain. 

Bikes produced to date, which feature the unique exposed rear suspension linkage system – which frees up space behind the engine – have a good reputation among owners and will be priced very competitively. 

For further info contact Vince at haven on 01472-236117. It’s a crowded trials marketplace for sure with Gas Gas, Sherco, Scorpa, Montesa, Beta, Vertigo, TRS and Jotagas now looking for your custom...

And some people are still offering odds on an Ossa comeback based on rumours from Spain...

2017 Updates

Revised gear selector mechanism for shorter gear lever movement.

New flatslide carburetor

New reeds

New settings for ignition mapping for a more linear torque curve

Stronger clutch cover which improves fluid displacement 

New swinging arm

Repositioned voltage regulator

Higher compression ratio in line with new ignition settings

New colours