An estimated crowd of 15,000 turned out at Tong over the weekend for TrialGP Great Britain.

The unparalleled success of the event, round five of the 2017 FIM Trial World Championship, was all the more remarkable given the last-minute withdrawal of the local event organiser which left the British round hanging in the balance.
With series promoter Sport7 faced with the embarrassing prospect of cancelling its own home round with just three weeks to go, the ACU and its subsidiary company ACU Events stepped in to save the day.
“I can’t thank the ACU, the Hemingway brothers, all the observers and everyone else including our own team for making TrialGP Great Britain such a big success,” said Sport7 boss Jake Miller.
“To think three weeks ago we were faced with cancelling the event when the local organiser decided to pull out – it has been a huge effort from all concerned to deliver a home round that we can all be proud of.
“Obviously there were extra things we would like to have added and done better but given the time we had to focus on the key things to ensure the event actually happened. 
“Thankfully the British fans turned out in their thousands to support the event and made it a great occasion both for the home riders and for their foreign rivals.”
Part of the rescue package involved free admission to all ACU members, a factor that contributed to the huge turnout of fans.
“I can safely say that without ACU Events and the ACU this event would not have taken place,” said TrialGP Event Manager and former ACU Chairman Brian Higgins. “The free entry for ACU members was the ACU being seen to put something back into trials.”
Miller, who has dramatically revamped the 2017 world championship series with ground-breaking innovations including timed qualification, is already looking ahead to next year.
“The foundations are now in place for Sport7 and the ACU to directly deliver an even bigger and better TrialGP Great Britain next year,” he added, “with the planning process having started now and not less than a month before the date!”