Kawasaki Motorcycles to go all electric by 2035

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By 2035 Kawasaki Motorcycles plans to have 10 electric models on the market.

The buzz around electric dirt bikes continues with the announcement that Kawasaki plans to go all-electric.

Although most avid riders prefer four-stroke or two-stroke combustion engines, the youth are getting very comfortable on Stacyc and KTM E-5 electric bikes which is certainly making an electric future seem more likely.

Kawasaki recently launched the new 2022 KX450 Special Edition bike and while doing it, they also came out with a new logo and announced that the powersports division for Kawasaki is now out from under the Kawasaki Heavy Industries banner as it has moved to its own company, Kawasaki Motors Limited.

The real news that came with this announcement is Kawasaki’s plans to go electric by 2035. In this video MXA talks about what’s happening with Kawasaki while also highlighting Haiden Deegan’s move to Yamaha.

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