Jeffrey Herlings lights a fire under Infront to fix MXGP – this is the radical solution he’s fully behind

"Without clowns, there's no show," said Herlings. "In AMA Pro Motocross, at least you get paid. When I won two motos at Iron Man [National] Davey Coombs came up to me and gave me five grand."

Jeffrey Herlings has been outspoken about MXGP’s Saturday schedule but without success, with owners Infront sticking firmly to the traditional Saturday timetable. Now on the Gypsy Tales podcast, he tries to make his point again and signs up for a radical rethink of qualifying.

“Why take that extra risk on a Saturday,” Herlings asks. “It means nothing!”

While Herlings is complimentary towards Infront, saying they do many great things and are “super professional”, he suggests the lack of money for riders has a significant impact. Indeed, the five-time world champion offers an interesting take on low gate numbers and money.

Watch and then have your say with us on Facebook and Twitter. Do you sign up for the idea of bringing back prize money? And what about an F1-style qualifying session? Would that be better for fans and the riders?

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