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Paris Supercross 2021: Star-studded entry list – Reed, Cairoli, Febvre, Musquin


Just one more week and the Paris La Defense Arena will be buzzing from the wonderful sounds and smells of four- and two-stroke machines – Paris Supercross is back with a vengeance on Saturday, November 27. And Europe’s largest indoor arena will be ‘the place to be’ for all the fans of Supercross and freestyle badassery.

Barcelona, Lyon, Dortmund, Genève, Stuttgart – all these major cities had to surrender to oh-so-familiar forces and for the second year in a row will not organise their annual Supercross this winter.

Paris had to cancel the 2020 Supercross, but the organisers have put all their energy into finding solutions this year and, even if the date has been pushed back a couple of weeks by outside forces, the event will finally take place in the afternoon (doors will open at 10.30, and the show will go from 2.30 to 6.10 pm) of Saturday, November 27. Paris will be the sole capital to organise a Supercross this winter – the 38th in the history of the event!

An unusual line-up

As travel restrictions still exist and with some managers not prepared to allow their athletes to travel outside the US borders a few weeks before the opening round of their championship, the organisers had to be highly innovative to present as always a strong line-up in Paris.

Still, there will be top riders from the USA in Paris – with a Frenchie and an Aussie at their helm!

Marvin Musquin and Chad Reed, each based in the USA for many years, will be two of the favourites. Twice winner of the event and the first rider to be crowned King of Paris in the Arena in 2017, Marvin remains one of the greatest riders in the US Supercross series. Victorious at Salt Lake City a few months ago and on the podium of the final round, the factory Red Bull KTM rider is finally back in Paris.

Chad Reed and Paris Supercross have a long and illustrious relationship – the Australian arrived for the first time in 2000 and won in 2007. The three-time US Supercross champion now returns as he didn’t want to miss this opportunity to race in Paris one last time.

Another iconic figure lining up this year is nine-time MX world champion Tony Cairoli, while the US charter features Justin Brayton, a former Paris SX winner, Justin Bogle, Alex Martin, Josh Hill and Ryan Sipes racing the SX1 class while Kyle Peters and Joey Crown will be wildcards in the SX2 class. Paris will welcome for the first time Canadian Dylan Wright who has recently – and successfully – had a taste of Europe after racing the last few GPs of the season.

From Grand Prix to Supercross

Grand Prix riders have always shown an interest in Supercross, but never before have so many top GP riders been involved in the event!

Undoubtedly, the leader of the list is of course Antonio ‘Tony’ Cairoli, who will make one of the last appearances of his career after officially announcing his retirement at the end of the season.

TC222 raced in Paris a few years ago, and since this first appearance, he has won 94 Grand Prix, nine world titles and the Motocross of Nations in September. He retires at the same moment as fellow Italian icon Valentino Rossi and Paris will give him a unique opportunity to race against another legend, Chad Reed!

After each battling all season long for a World title Maxime Renaux and Romain Febvre are headed to Paris for the first time; Maxime is the new MX2 World Champion, while Romain battled until the last moto of the season for the MXGP World title. He was eventually runner-up but no one doubts that both his and Maxime’s success will be celebrated by the fans.

Alessandro Lupino, another member of the Italian team which was victorious in this year’s Motocross of Nations, completes the GP line-up.

Many Frenchies on track

As always there will be many French riders behind the gate, both in the SX1 and SX2 classes. In the SX1 category, we’ll find the top six riders of the French SX1 championship with French champion Maxime Desprey, Thomas Ramette, Gregory Aranda, Cédric Soubeyras, Adrien Escoffier and Anthony Bourdon.

The SX2 class will be the final round of the French SX Tour; Julien Roussaly holds a strong lead in the classification, but once more his main rivals – apart from the US Wild Cards – will be Calvin Fonvieille and Brice Maylin; the promising Coenen twins from Belgium will make their first appearance in Supercross alongside Quentin Prugnières. In each class, the riders will race two Sprints and one Main Event, and the SX1 riders will earn their starting position during the Superpole.

An FMX show… of course!

Due to restrictions, many FMX contests have been cancelled worldwide since 2020, and the freestyle riders were delighted to see that Paris would again showcase their extreme talents this winter. They all replied positively to the invitation and they are all enthusiastic to show their latest tricks to the fans.

Australian Josh Sheehan, Swiss legend Matt Rebeaud with his electric Alta, Spaniard Maikel Melero plus Frenchies Nicolas Texier and Julien Mannon will present several exhibitions between the races.

The Supercross will start at 2.30 pm on Saturday, and the fans will be able to enter the stadium at 10.30am to see the practice sessions. The Green pass will be required at the gate, and fans can buy tickets on or at

The Paris Supercross and La Defense Arena look forward to greeting you for a thrilling and spectacular day.

Paris Supercross 2021 Entry List


#3 Romain FEBVRE – France – Kawasaki Monster Energy KRT
#6 Thomas RAMETTE – France – Yamaha GSM
#9 Dylan WRIGHT – Canada – Honda GDR Canada
#10 Justin BRAYTON – USA – Honda Smartop
#19 Justin BOGGLE – USA – Suzuki
#20 Greg ARANDA – France – KTM Tech 32
#22 Chad REED – Australie – KTM Mountain Motorsports
#25 Marvin MUSQUIN – France – KTM Red Bull
#26 Alex MARTIN – USA – Yamaha GSM
#75 Josh HILL – USA – Yamaha Monster Energy
#77 Alessandro LUPINO – Italie – KTM MRT
#85 Cédric SOUBEYRAS – France – Husqvarna 2B
#131 Nicolas AUBIN – France – GasGas Milwaukee Bihr LS
#137 Adrien ESCOFFIER – France – Honda SR Motoblouz
#141 Maxime DESPREY – France – Yamaha GSM
#222 Antonio CAIROLI – Italie – KTM Red Bull
#264 Ryan SIPES – USA – GasGas Red Bull
#945 Anthony BOURDON – France – GasGas 737 Performance

SX2 Championnat de France SX Tour

#11 Calvin FONVIEILLE – France – KTM TMX
#14 Arnaud AUBIN – France – GasGas Milwaukee Bihr LS
#19 Sacha COENEN – Belgique – Kawasaki Bud Racing 9MM
#21 Julien ROUSSALY – France – Yamaha
#22 Mickael LAMARQUE – France – GasGas
#31 Adrien MALAVAL – France – Yamaha TMX
#81 Brian HSU – Allemagne – KTM
#92 Ander VALENTIN – Espagne – GasGas
#93 Lucas COENEN – Belgique – Kawasaki Bud Racing 9MM
#110 Kyle PETERS – USA – Honda FR25
#259 Julien LEBEAU – France – Kawasaki
#319 Quentin PRUGNIERES – France – Kawasaki Bud Racing 9MM
#335 Enzo POLIAS – France – GasGas Milwaukee Bihr LS
#355 Joey CROWN – USA – KTM VHR
#384 Lorenzo CAMPORESE – Italie – Kawasaki Bud Racing 9MM
#516 François DORE – France – KTM
#589 Killian POLL – France – KTM
#751 Germain JAMET – France – Yamaha TMX
#831 Brice MAYLIN – France – Husqvarna
#959 Maxime RENAUX – France – Yamaha Monster Energy
Positions au championnat de France : 1.Roussaly, 86 ; 2.Do, 68 ; 3.Fonvieille, 63 ; 4.Aubin, 52 ; 5.Maylin, 52 ; 6.Lebeau, 35 ; 7.Imbert, 31 ; 8.Jamet, 27 ; 9.Lamarque, 25 ; 10.Lasheras, 23 ; etc…


Josh SHEEHAN – Australie – Honda Monster Energy
Matt REBEAUD – Suisse – Alta Red Bull
Nicolas TEXIER – France
Maikel MELERO – Espagne
Julien MANNON – France

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