Author: Anthony Sutton

TMX Says: Is a later start better for all?

It might sound a wee bit selfish but I wasn’t overly disappointed to find out that the opening round of the 2018 Maxxis ACU British Motocross Champion...

No Hawkstone Hill, no probs we’re all still here – and what if the International was held in the summer?

We take a look at the outrage (it wasn't an outrage) of the Hawkstone Hill not being used. Poke fun at some internet trolls, suggest that the Internat...

TMX Editor will be Max-ing out on two top moto events – it’s a 500-mile weekend

I’m genuinely excited about the weekend ahead as two 200-mile trips – or 220-miles if I’m claiming my travelling expenses at a massive 11 pence per mi...

Is there a happy ending to the VMXdN Evo troubles?

TMX Editor suggests there's a happy ending to the VMXdN Evo troubles from 2017

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