Top Tips For Selling Your Motorcycle

Top Tips For Selling Your Motorcycle

Top Selling Tips

Selling your off-road bike is easy, right?

Well, we can help make it easy by getting the word out to all the right people BUT – you can help yourself by reading our top tips guide to give you the best chance of nailing that sale!

1. Wash that bike! Might sound obvious but it will help both you and potential customers. Faced with a dirty, unloved motorcycle most buyers will simply turn tail and walk. Giving your bike a good clean and polish will not only show it off to best advantage but also give you a last chance to spot any faults that you can quickly fix.

2. Give it a critical once over. Look at your bike from a buyer’s point of view. You might not mind that cracked fender and bodged repair but it isn’t what a buyer wants to see! Just replace it. Don’t forget to give the chain a real scrub, then lube it and adjust to perfection. Lube any cables and oil all pivot points. Ensure all controls are silky smooth. Finish with lashings of your favourite shiny spray!

3. Don’t be lazy, if it isn’t running right then fix it. Don’t advertise that it has a few faults but that it won’t take much to put right. If it won’t take much to put right then do it! You are trying to sell your bike and you want the best price.

4. If it is a trials or enduro bike registered for the road make sure the paperwork is up to date, that it has a current MOT (if necessary) and that ALL the paperwork is to hand. If you start mumbling that “you are sure it’s around somewhere’ your customers will already be on their way down the drive. Have your paperwork ready.

5. Don’t be greedy. Be realistic about your pricing. However immaculate your pride and joy, it’s no good asking top dealer price because you can’t offer dealer facilities or warranty. Ask a fair price based on the market and be prepared for a bit of haggling. At the end of the day, all bikes are worth exactly what someone is prepared to pay.

6. Be clear and honest. When advertising your bike make sure you name the make, model, capacity and year. Highlight the bike’s good points, new chain and sprockets, new tyres, suspension upgrades, oil and filter changes.

7. Think about all those expensive aftermarket goodies you have fitted. You may make a quicker sale by offering the bike in standard trim for less money and sell that expensive titanium exhaust and expensive rear shock separately. It’s your call on this but worth thinking about.

8. A great photo makes a big difference. Take the time to set up and take a well composed and well lit photograph. No fuzzy or blurry images as they won’t help you sell. Think about the background – make sure it isn’t loud, busy or messy as you want your motorcycle to be the focus of attention. Ensure that your address/location can’t be worked out/guessed.

9. Add more photos. You can upload up to 10 images without any further ad costs so take advantage of all them.

10. Add a YouTube video review. There are some great YouTube video reviews out there. Our sister publication, Dirt Bike Rider, has several of them and there many, many more from other off-road publications. Pick a good one for your model and year and add it to your advert.

11. Sell safe. Selling can be stressful, worrying that you got the advert right, the price right etc, and then comes the time when the phone rings and someone wants to see your bike. What to do! The main thing is to stay safe and stay in control. While the vast majority of people are honest and trustworthy the sad fact of life is that there is a criminal element out there – and while you want to nail that sale you need to do all you can to protect yourself against thieves and fraudsters. Read our full safe motorcycle selling guide.

12. Now you are happy your bike is the best one out there, you have advertised it in the best possible place and given yourself the best possible chance of a sale all that is left now is to wish you – Good Luck.