Britain’s best interested for ISDE selection

Britain’s best interested for ISDE selection

Future7 Mediawtmx 2015 ISDE

The ACU T&E Committee are pleased to announce that there has been good interest in the 2016 ACU British ISDE team and would like to thank all potential riders for putting their names forward.

The following people will be considered for selection to represent Great Britain at this year’s ISDE.

Jack Edmondson

Lee Sealey

James Dent

Brad Freeman

Josh Gotts

David Knight

Steve Holcombe

Tom Sagar

Jamie McCanney

Jonny Walker

Danny McCanney

Jamie Lewis

Joe Wootton

Jamie Lewis

Nathan Watson

Brad Williams

Owain Humphries 

Adam James

Jake Subachus

If any one thinks they have put their name forward and it’s not above list they are requested to contact the Team Manager on 07866695630.

The ACU British ISDE Team are always looking for people or organisations that are prepared to help in anyway, if you think you may be able to assist, please do not hesitate to contact the Team Manager gbisdetm@yahoo.co.uk