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Nambotin back with Gas Gas in 2018

Frenchman Christophe Nambotin has signed a two-year contract with Gas Gas to compete on a 300 2T in EnduroGP and the French E3 championship

Nambotin back with Gas Gas in 2018


After they announced the recruitment of the legendary Giovanni Sala as Team Manager, Gas Gas are in the news once again, this time talking about another star signing!

Indeed, the rumours have been persistent since July and now it is official Christophe Nambotin will be back with Gas Gas in 2018!

A leading light for the Catalan brand from 2005 to 2011 in the European Enduro Championship and then in the  World Championship, the rider from Normandy left for pastures new, joining KTM in 2012, and adding three World Champion titles to his career in E1 and E3.

Gas Gas has been very pro-active at the beginning of this off-season with the signatures of Sala and Nambotin.

But it seems that the Catalan firm is not finished with its recruitment drive, and they will seek to enlist a third rider to complete their return to the spotlight on the international stage. The Girona based team is likely to have a strong presence in the 2018 paddock!