Extreme Enduro

Are you ready to Slog it out?

Are you ready to Slog it out?

Entries are now open and already coming in thick and fast for a new extreme enduro from Steve Ireland and his WOR Events team – The Log Slog!

The clue is in the name as the event is going to be in Llandrillo Forest on February 10, featuring natural terrain with fallen logs and forest brash being a major feature of the tough course that will lay in wait for the battle-hardened UK extreme riders who sign up for the challenge.

The event, which is also round one of WOR’s Extreme Championship, is in the same forest that the hugely popular Team Extreme Enduro is in and will offer a fantastic lap and two separate events in one day, for an overall result.

Starting at 9.30am, riders will do a warm-up sighting lap and then a series of four special tests on an extreme course of around 3-4miles long for all riders to sink their teeth into. Riders will have a two-hour window to complete their four tests and set their scores in event one.

Then at 1pm after a short break there is a two-hour extreme Hare and Hounds on a new six-mile lap, again with some tasty bits that the WOR team have not used before. The scores (20pts for first, 17 for second, 15 for third and so on in class) for both events will then be added to make the overall result for the event.

Entry fee for the Log Slog is £75 per rider (pre-entered before February 1, £10 extra after that) and a limit of 100 riders is allowed. Enter now to secure your spot. Nearest postcode to orange arrows is LL23 7RH.