Paul Bolton Column: Baby bliss & getting bike fit

Paul Bolton Column: Baby bliss & getting bike fit

Paul races at the WESS at Hawkstone Park last year

It’s been an exciting few weeks in the Bolton household as we welcomed our new addition to the family, the ‘not so little’ baby Zach.

What a life experience that was. At 9lb 6oz he made an appearance after 48 hours of hard labour. Like the saddle time of two Red Bull Romaniacs back-to-back. Lisa is my new hero.

Zach is a happy and healthy little bruiser. We are all learning together and can’t wait to get stuck in to the adventures that lie ahead. Also during the past weeks I have been out to Romania. I couldn’t race the ‘Sweet 16’ edition of Romaniacs as my injuries aren’t yet recovered.

But I went out to do the live commentary for Red Bull TV.

The Romaniacs this year had a mixture of everything with the weather. Glorious sunshine gave hope, while torrential storms meant sections were removed.

However according to the Gold Class riders, the overall track was perhaps not as brutal as usual. This made it possible for different race leaders each day and meant that the fight for the win came down to the last day. What a nail-biting finish it was.

Manuel Lettenbichler rode a sterling race, keeping his results at the top end throughout the week. Creating an obstacle which he did not need in his path, Jarvis lost his GPS devices on the final push.

This meant that he needed to follow rather than make a charge and risk getting lost. All in all, it was what Romaniacs always delivers – unpredictable, exciting racing.

So when am I going to be back, I hear you ask? It’s really tempting to jump in, now I’m off crutches and moving well.

But it’s only 10 weeks since my last operation, which was to reconstruct the ACL. So getting back on an enduro bike is not quite on the cards yet.

Lots of mountain biking and a spot on the trials bike is where I’m up to. It would be great to be back on the enduro bike to race at Hawkstone Park in September, but I am going to keep moving in the right direction and reassess in September.

Either way, I will be there at the next WESS round which is certain to be an epic event, right on our doorsteps. See you there.

People have been asking about my top tips for recovery:
Don’t delay in getting specialist medical help. Time ticks by quickly and each day is a day further away from being back on the bike.
Follow advice and be patient (not easy!)
Train other parts of the body, while you are laid up. For example, I’ve been working on my upper body strength.
Gain mobility in whatever way is possible and safe for your injury (I’m mountain biking and walking lots).
Adjust your expectations. I ‘hope’ to be back riding for the Fast Eddy at Hawkstone Park but I’m not going to push it if I am not ready. (If I’m lucky enough to be back on a bike for then, it’s unlikely to be at race pace).