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Jeffrey Herlings racing AMA Pro Motocross – ‘I don’t think it will happen’ says Roger DeCoster

Jeffrey Herlings

Jeffrey Herlings

Jeffrey Herlings will likely not race in the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship this year; that’s the verdict of KTM’s Roger DeCoster.

Outside of Herlings closest team, as head of motorsport for KTM in North America, DeCoster would undoubtedly have excellent insight into the Dutchman’s current fitness and plans.

Jeffrey Herlings injury update means a long wait until 2023 MXGP

“I don’t think that is going to happen because Jeffrey still has some issues with his heel,” DeCoster told SupercrossLive.

The Belgian revealed that Herlings’ surgeries had not gone as well as hoped and that he may undergo another operation.

“We will know probably on Tuesday because he is seeing another specialist then,” he added.

There had been considerable speculation across the internet that Herlings had already ridden and that it hadn’t gone well.

DeCoster, however, appeared to contradict those reports. The KTM sporting head for North America said Herlings would try and ride his motorcycle Monday (May 2) and then see how the heel felt, but DeCoster continued to pour cold water on a potential switch to the US outdoor series. “I don’t think it is going to happen,” he said.

“Our boss, I think, is going to tell him to rest up to 100 per cent before [Herlings] starts riding again. They’re worried about messing up the following season. They want him to be healed up 100 per cent before he races again.”

It looks like those who held out hope of a short-term move to the USA for Herlings will be disappointed.

And if that’s the case, will we even see The Bullet race again this year? Could we see last year’s two best riders in MXGP sitting out the entire season?

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