An important TMX update for our readers

An important TMX update for our readers

I feel like a bit of a fraud writing this message after assuring you all last week that we’d keep on keeping on and continue to supply you with a printed copy of TMX each week throughout the coronavirus crisis. In all fairness, that statement was 100 per cent true at the time and continues to be what the team that brings you TMX each week – and 24/7 online at – would like to do.

But as much as we’d like to ignore that we’re part of a bigger organisation, sometimes we can’t and just this morning the management have told us that we’re to suspend publishing from the start of next week.

As much as it pains me, they’re probably right to make that call – certainly from a business point of view – as passion will only ever get you so far and that particular p-word has driven many an otherwise sane bloke bankrupt in our cosy little off-road universe.

So with the sport now on hold for now and the government restricting the free movement of people it certainly makes it difficult to deliver you, our valuable readers, the quality and engaging content we pride ourselves on, albeit not impossible as I think the last two week’s copies have proved. I enjoyed them, anyway…

However, we’ve also seen a significant downturn in revenue with many of our normally very supportive advertisers suspending trading or finding the current conditions downright difficult – or extremely challenging as my boss would call me, erm, I mean, the situation.

He’d also say something like ‘as a result, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend both TMX and Dirt Bike Rider magazine, online and in print. The suspension takes effect next week (w/c 6th April) and will be reviewed in line with any changes to government advice’.

He, I, the TMX team and also JPI are all united in wanting to thank every one of our readers and advertisers for your support. We will be back and we can’t wait until we are. Hopefully, it’s not too long before we can all snap back into action.

No doubt you’ve got some questions and I’ll now try to pre-empt what they are and answer them accordingly. So, in no particular order –

No, it’s just a rash.

If you’re a subscriber then don’t worry because we’ll suspend all direct debit payments. If you’ve previously taken advantage of great pre-payment offer then we will suspend your subscription and carry it on when we return. If you want to speak to someone regarding your subscription you can call us on 0330 403 0066 – Option 2.

Starting any old Maico can be troublesome but for best results get it just past TDC and then give it a good old boot.

For those of you who enjoy VMX magazine, we’ve arranged for the publisher to send all copies out directly from their base in Australia. For any enquiries about VMX please contact them directly by emailing

And that’s about it for now… So, from myself and the entire TMX Team, that’s us over and out – just for now – but as Arnie Schwarzenegger said in Terminator ‘I need your boots, clothes and motorcycle’. Bet you thought I was gonna say ‘I’ll be back’, didn’t you?

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