Bou becomes new Indoor Trial world champion

Bou becomes new Indoor Trial world champion

Toni Bou assured Indoor Trial title in Menorca this night by taking second place at penultimate round of FIM Indoor Trial World Championship. Repsol Montesa-HRC has clinched his biggest trial success so far at 20 years after beating his maximum rival for the crown, Adam Raga.

Sherco rider Albert Cabestany achieved his second win in a row in a very competitive and closed final lap, a victory that put him in second place overall, with two points ahead Gas Gas star. Cabestany and Raga will have to fight for runner-up at final round in Madrid.

Bou, Cabestany and Raga proved to play a different game from the qualification lap. Three Spanish stars completed a fantastic performance on the sections and gained easily the ticket for the final.

Jeroni Fajardo was the worst victim of bad luck. His brilliant start changed hardly when Beta rider knocked on his wrist after he crashed at section 6. But poblems went on as his front brake bomb broke before the dual lane race and forced him to retirement.

Takahisa Fujinami’s chances to get the second lap were ruined after his engine stopped on section 5 and Repsol Montesa-HRC rider committed a maximum penalty very dangerous. Anyway, Japanese Fujigas could save fourth place taking advantage of Fajardo’s problems. Dougie Lampkin and Tadeusz Blazusiak fell to last places in standings with a poor riding and too much mistakes.

With Indoor Trial title on Bou’s belt, next 17th March Palacio de los Deportes de Madrid Stadium will be the scene of the huge battle for runner-up between Cabestany and Raga.

Toni Bou: “I was waiting my whole life to enjoy days like this, to be world champion. The last races became very hard for me because of the nerves and the pressure to be closer of this dream. I’d like to celebrate this title winning in Madrid”

Albert Cabestany: “I want to congratulate Toni Bou for the title. I’m delighted with this win, a very important victory for my aims in the championship. Now I need to push hard in the last race for trying to defend the runner-up”.

Adam Raga: “This year I’ve not deserved to win the title. Toni Bou did a good job and he is the fair champion. I want to forget this championship and be focussed on recovering my best riding and winning again races and titles”

GP Illes Balears – Menorca Indoor Trial – Round 7/8

Qualification Lap

1.       Toni Bou 1 penalty point

2.       Albert Cabestany 1

3.       Adam Raga 2

4.       Takahisa Fujinami 15

5.       Jeroni Fajardo 15

6.       Dougie Lampkin 21

7.       Tadeusz Blazusiak 29

Final Lap

1.       Albert Cabestany 23 penalty points

2.       Toni Bou 25

3.       Adam Raga 26

FIM Indoor Trial World Championship 2007
Provisional Standings

1. Toni Bou 59 points

2. Albert Cabestany 49

3. Adam Raga 47

4. Takahisa Fujinami 37

5. Dougie Lampkin 30

6. Jeroni Fajardo 30

7. Tadeusz Blazusiak 8