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Capacity shake-up for ACU motocross

Capacity shake-up for ACU motocross

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The ACU Motocross Committee has made major changes to its capacity framework for 2018, allowing two-stroke and four-stroke machines to compete on an equal footing. From next year MX1 will be open to two-stroke machines with a capacity of over 175cc up to 500cc and four-strokes with a capacity of 251cc up to 450cc.

MX2 will be open to two-stroke machines with a capacity of 120cc up to 250cc and four-strokes with a capacity of 175cc up to 250cc. The new rules will not, however, apply to the 2018 Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship. The changes were made after a prolonged period of consultation which included talks with the national federations of Holland, Canada and Australia.

“After much discussion and feedback from the numerous federations as well as teams and the industry here in the UK it was decided not to go carte blanche with this change,” said Motocross Committee Chairman Steve McCauley.

“As a committee we will always factor in important feedback from our championship partners and never bring changes in on a knee-jerk reaction. “Therefore, we decided to introduce the changes into the MX standing regulations which allow organisers to take advantage at all levels with the exception of the Maxxis British Championship.

“By doing this we feel we are moving forward but in a controlled and correct manner. This option means we can offer flexibility and diversity whilst monitoring these changes in order to plan for 2019.

“We have also incorporated a ground-breaking first by allowing the 250 two-stroke to remain in MX1 as well as now adding them to MX2, resulting in greater flexibility and choices for our licence holders. “Once again the ACU lead the way with innovative and measured changes.”

While the Maxxis series will not adopt these new rules in 2018, the ACU’s flagship motocross championship will feature a number of innovative changes next season including an expanded British Two-stroke Championship and an extra race for MXY2 competitors.

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