British Motocross Championship

Culham MXGB Race Report

Evgeny Bobryshev

The Revo ACU British Motocross Championship Fuelled by Gulf Race Fuels got underway on May 1-2 at Culham MX park, situated along the river Thames.

The weekend saw the 65cc, SW85cc, BW85cc, MXY2, MX1 and MX2 in a joint weekend of racing.

In the 65cc we had a full flush winner from Robbie Daly coming in first place in all three rounds with his fastest lap being 16:59.371 in the first race. We also had a flush second place winner from Olly Waters, with less than a minute difference between Daly and Waters. Joel Winstanley Dawson, Alfie Herron and Finley Pickering rounded up the top five for the second and third rounds while Alfie Geddes-Green took fourth in the first round.

The SW85cc also ran with a consistent winner throughout the weekend. Cole Mccullough, Reece Jones and Freddie Gardiner battling it out for the top three positions. Reece jones taking first position overall with a whopping 169 points in total, Cole coming in second with 156 points and Freddie Gardiner taking third place with 155 points away with him from his first British Championship in the SW85cc class.

The BW85cc class gave us a show this weekend with Finley Evans taking the overall win in the class with 168 points however missing out on the chance for a full house of points when coming in second in the first race. Ben Mustoe and Tyla Hooley coming closely behind with Ben taking home 165 points and Tyla taking 163 points leaving the race open to a clear winner for the next round.

In the 125cc there was a clear winner in this class, Ollie Colmer took home the win with 160 points overall with his best race time being 22:50.490, however, James Barker and Joe Brookes are hot on his tail with 153 points for Barker and 151 Points for Brookes.

The first position in the 250cc was fought for by two riders being Alfie Jones and Jack Lindsay, although Jack won the first two races he dropped down in the third leaving the position open to Alfie Jones which ultimately bought him the overall win with a clear 12 points. Jude Morris was a mere 2 points behind Lindsay taking third overall with 160 points.

The British Experts championship see’s the British championship riders whom have their first season in the British or aren’t competing in the MXGP or finished within the top 15 in previous season of the British Championship.

In the MX2 championship, you see Florian Miot the French rider take home the first-place trophy whilst Steven Clarke and Carlton Husband in second and third. While coming in first with the experts Florian then came in sixth in the MX2 championship with 29 points overall.

Although the race was restarted due to a red-flag incident, Conrad Mewse took home the crown in the overall championship the second-place contender Wilson Todd fought for his place winning the second race leaving a two-point gap between himself and Mewse.

The MX1 class saw big names come out on top while Evgeny Bobryshev grabbed first with a win in both races the second-place position was fought for by Tommy Searle and Dylan Walsh. Unluckily for Walsh, Searle beat him in the second race giving him second place overall, although still tied with 42 points each this leaves them to fight again in the next round of the championship. The experts in the championship saw Irish rider and 11th place MX1 rider Stuart Edmonds take first place with Dan Thornhill in close second and brad Todd in third.

The championship now heads to Lyng on the 22nd and 23rd May which will also see the first round of the PP Sports ACU Women’s British Championship.