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Season Guide: 2021 Revo ACU British Motocross Championship

Everything you need to know – and some things you don’t

Shaun Simpson

Shaun Simpson

British motocross enters a new era this year as the British motocross championship – or Revo ACU British Motocross Championship Fuelled by Gulf Race Fuels to give it its proper title – fully commits to Gareth Hockey’s dream of harmonising the adult and youth series.

We enjoyed a dummy run of this concept at the very last round of the Maxxis series that was held at Landrake all the way back in 2019 and with lessons learned from that experiment – plus the cancelled 2020 season-opener – plunge headlong into a new season of super-busy weekends.

In essence, the on-track action doesn’t change a jot and the format for the pro racers remains the same with each class getting two 25-minute plus two lap races on a Sunday afternoon after timed qualifying in the morning sorts out the order that they get to choose their gates.

It’s a little less simple for the youth classes as the schedule changes almost round-by-round but generally speaking the youth groups practice/qualify on Saturday morning then get into their race schedule over the remainder of the weekend. Some rounds are Sunday only affairs and then it’s an early morning start for everyone as practice/qualifying and racing is all squeezed into the one action-packed day.

The championship kicks off this weekend (May 1/2) at Culham. The bad news is that spectators won’t be allowed to attend although they will still be able to watch and I don’t mean by chartering a boat on the river (you had thought of that, right?).

We’ll get onto the whole MXGB-TV thing in a bit so bear with us.

Three weeks after Culham, fans will be welcome to attend at Lyng on May 23, although whether this will be in limited numbers remains to be seen.

Based on average attendance figures from previous years you’d have to assume we’d stay below the limit but people hadn’t been cooped up at home for over a year on those occasions. Lyng is the first one-day event of the year and will welcome the WMX racers into the fold too.

Canada Heights hosts round four on June 6. Again, a one-day bash as round five at Desertmartin will be on June 20.

The very next weekend (June 26/27) sees a Youth/WMX-only weekender run at Little Silver in Devon with a similar event happening at Whitby on July 10/11.

The Pro classes return to Blaxhall on August 8 though for a one-dayer before we get back on track with a pair of two-dayers to wrap things up. Duns in Scotland hosts a super weekend on August 28/29 with the final round being held at Landrake on September 11/12.

We’ll go into more details about what classes will be attending where shortly but that should give you some idea of the action-packed year ahead. Obviously, things could still change if Infront Moto Racing dictate it with a change to the FIM Motocross World Championship schedule but as things stand that’s where we’re at.

Stick with us through the year and we’ll keep you updated with any, erm, updates as we go but we are confident that RHL Activities are at a place where they can deliver what they’ve promised.

The 2021 Revo ACU British Motocross Championship — round by round guide

Culham Moto Park — May 1/2

Nestled right there on a bank between the River Thames and the mainline into London sits Culham Moto Park. Culham has been on the British Championship schedule – on and off – for decades and hasn’t changed massively over the years. With some nice rolling elevation changes and some of the best soil in the UK, Culham is a great place to be rain or shine with the track being at its brutal best when damp as it gets super rough and rutty. Quite a high-speed layout waits for the riders who’ll know that the season is definitely here once they’re midway through their first motos. An excellent test of man and machine in a beautiful setting – what more could you wish for?

Classes: 65cc, SW85, BW85, MXY2, MX1, MX2

Lyng (NR9 5RZ) — May 23

Lyng in May should be blooming beautiful and as the first one-day event of the year – and with spectators allowed – we’re hoping for a huge turnout of fans who’ll not only get to enjoy an action-packed race programme but also some spring sunshine. We’re keeping everything crossed. Lyng is like a circuit of two halves as it starts out wide-open and fast and then tightens up towards the end of the lap. There is one constant though and that’s just how technical and rough the sandy track surface is and it only gets rougher and tougher. This will be one day in the office that the riders won’t forget in a hurry.

Classes: BW85, MXY2, WMX, MX1, MX2

Canada Heights (BR8 8DX) — June 6

Canada Heights has everything a motocross track should – hills, jumps, bumps, ruts – and a surface that varies through different parts of the lap so depending on where you’re stood could be described as being sandy, hardpack, loamy or claggy. It’s an eclectic mix of going for sure and is known to undergo a layout change or two to keep things nice and fresh. All of the above makes it a welcome addition to any national championship with the fact it’s situated just a stone’s throw from the M25 the icing on the cake as it’s not unknown for huge crowds to come out in their masses to witness a day of racing.

Classes: SW85, BW85, MXY2, MX1, MX2

Foxhill — June 19

Foxhill rose to prominence in the 1990s as the home of the British Grand Prix. Fans used to pack out the slopes around the valley as the world’s greatest racers did battle on the brutally fast, chalky hardpack track that is as well-known for its huge hills as it is its massive jumps. While the world championship doesn’t visit anymore, the Foxhill track remains as great a challenge as it has ever been and you can guarantee that whoever tops the podiums will fully deserve their victory.

Classes: SW85, BW85, MXY2, MX1, MX2

Desertmartin (BT45 5QW) — June 20 (cancelled)

The Porters Pit circuit is one of the best in Europe and were it not for a lack of pit space would no doubt be a regular stop for the MXGP circus. The venue has held GPs in the past and has also been on the British Championship tour for more years than we care to remember. The track is carved out of what used to be a sand quarry and has plenty of elevation changes and jumps of all types. Many have said Desertmartin is the best track in Europe and we’d have to agree that it’s definitely up there and June 20 is sure to be memorable for many reasons. Make sure you’re there to see it!

Classes: SW85, BW85, MXY2, MX1, MX2

Little Silver (EX6 7LR) — June 26/27

An unfortunate clash with the British Grand Prix means that the Little Silver round of the series will be run without MXY2, MX2 or MX1 competitors but there will still be plenty to see as the Autos make their first appearance of the year along with the WMX85 division which will race alongside the BW85 class but will be scored separately. Little Silver is situated at the end of the M5 and is a fantastic all-weather circuit with loads of high-speed hills and some technical jumps.

Classes: Auto, 65cc SW85, BW85, WMX85, WMX

Whitby (YO13 9EX) — July 10/11

Similar to Little Silver, Whitby will run without the two pro classes although the MXY2 class returns and what a battle that should be. The track sits above the town of Whitby itself and the world-famous Abbey – and the North Sea beyond it – are clearly visible from the hardpack course that is well-known for its many jumps and scrubby humps. Whitby has hosted some amazing battles in years gone by and 2021 will be no different.

Classes: Auto, 65cc SW85, BW85, WMX85, MXY2, WMX

Blaxhall (IP17 1LG) — August 8

If the Blaxhall Circuit is any sort of indicator, the members of the Woodbridge and District Motorcycle Club are the kind of people who have immaculate gardens within the boundaries of their freshly painted white picket fences. The place is beautiful and always groomed to perfection to the point where it’s almost like you should wipe your feet before getting out of your car when you arrive. Ignoring the beautiful surroundings, the track is fairly awesome itself which makes a drive to East Anglia on August 8 absolutely essential for all motocross fans. There’s good reason this club quite frequently wins the championship’s Organiser of the Year award and it’s not because of its central location. You can see the four core classes in action at this one and none of them will disappoint.

Classes: BW85, MXY2, MX1, MX2

Duns (TD11 3NS) — August 28/29

Who wouldnae like to spend their August bank holiday weekend in the Scottish borders – especially when the track’s such a treat as Duns? Sweeter than a battered Mars bar, the Duns circuit is just so AMA in its layout and style of preparation. You’d best be nuts for ruts if you’re gonna do well here as they like to rip it deep and keep it well watered. The fairly fast layout includes some fairly big jumps and is a treat on the eyes for spectators as the open setting means you can see almost everything from one spot. We’d advise packing a coat though as sometimes it can get a wee bit breezy up there. F1 fans who are making a full weekend of it might want to try and squeeze in a visit to the Jim Clark Museum which is situated nearby in Duns itself.

Classes: 65cc, SW85, BW85, MXY2, MX1, MX2

Landrake (PL12 5EP) — September 11/12

And so the end is here and the final curtain will fall on all championships – bar the WMX racers who tied things up in Whitby – at Landrake which is one of the UK’s most fantastic motocross tracks. We realise you’ve read that a lot just now but there’s genuinely not an iffy track on this year’s tour. The Landrake layout utilises the best natural bits of the Cornish valley it’s located in with Phil Congdon and his team adding enhancements with their plant machinery to create a great race track for the riders with great viewing for spectators. The track first appeared in the British Championship calendar in 2005 and has never disappointed since and should offer a fitting finale for the 2021 Revo-supported series.

Classes: Auto, 65cc SW85, BW85, WMX85, MXY2, MX1, MX2

TV Times!

How to watch the action from the comfort of wherever the hell you like…

Although spectators won’t be able to attend the opening two rounds of the Revo ACU British Motocross Championship fuelled by Gulf Race Fuels due to government Covid-19 guidelines, fans can still see the action live courtesy of an all-new MXGB-TV streaming service.

MXGB-TV aims to expand the exposure of the official ACU British Motocross Championship and its associated partners across Europe with a live streaming production.

Series promoters RHL Activities successfully broadcasted at two rounds of the Judd KTM British Youth Championship in 2019 and will use the experience gained from those events to offer live and on-demand coverage in 2021 that can be enjoyed on mobile, tablet or personal computer anywhere in the world.

You can sign up today for an annual pass and be all set for the 2021 Revo ACU British Motocross Championship season start on May 1-2 (this weekend!), which gets underway at Culham MX Park in Oxfordshire.

A full season pass is £39.95 or you can purchase per-round for £5.

On the mic for the duration of the championship is 999lazer YouTuber Max Hind and we understand that he’ll have a co-host to bounce off in what is sure to be an enthusiastic commentary pairing.

Just head to MXGB-TV to start the sign-up process. Payments are processed via PayPal.

Update May 28, 11:11 BST: 2021 Foxhill MXGB round moved again. Foxhill has been moved to June 19, which removes the clash with the opening round of the FIM Motocross World Championship as event organisers work to try and fix date conflicts.

Update May 14, 16:012 BST: 2021 Desertmartin cancelled. There will be no round of the 2021 MXGB series in Northern Ireland following an update on restrictions.

2021 ACU British Motocross Championship (MXGB) Adult & Youth

May 1-2Culham65, 85SW, 85BW, MXY2, MX1/MX2
May 23Lyng85BW, MXY2, WMX, MX1/MX2
June 6Canada Heights85SW, 85BW, MXY2, MX1/MX2
June 19Foxhill85SW, 85BW, MXY2, MX1/MX2
June 26-27Little SilverAuto, 65, 85SW, 85BW, WMX, WMX85
July 10-11WhitbyAuto, 65, 85SW, 85BW, MXY2, WMX, WMX85
Aug 8Blaxhall85BW, MXY2, MX1/MX2
Aug 28-29Duns65, 85SW, 85BW, MXY2, MX1/MX2
Sept 11-12LandrakeAuto, 65, 85SW, 85BW, MXY2, MX1/MX2, WMX85