Colley breaks both elbows!

Colley breaks both elbows!

It is with regret that i have to inform you that yesterday Steve Colley crashed during a show and broke both elbows at the socket.

Steve was at the Scottish Motorcycle Show all weekend and on his second show yesterday morning he spun on a rain soaked car roof and he instantly went down. He knew he was hurt and intially thought he’d broke both wrists. A visit to a local hospital confirmed after xray that infact he had broke both elbows.

After speaking with Steve several times last night and this morning he is on his now on his way back to the boat to go home to see his own Doctor and to decide what treatmant he needs….

…..more info to follow as and when i find out.

Steves immediate concern is to be fit for the first round of thre British Trials Championship in 7 weeks time…