Three-wheeled bandits: Duns MX report and mega gallery – British Sidecarcross Championship


The NETT Club hosted the second round of the ACU British Sidecarcross Championships of 2022 at Duns MX Park in Scotland. The track was prepared well but overnight rain left some large puddles which did need clearing. There was no further rain on race day and the track dried out although it did leave some big soft ruts for the riders to negotiate.

With round one seeing a very closely fought battle for the championship lead, at the start of the day Brett Wilkinson and Joe Millard held a three-point advantage over current champions Stuart Brown and Josh Chamberlain. The leading pairs would battle again but at this round, it was Brown/Chamberlain who took a three-point advantage which left both teams with the same number of points as well as the same number of moto wins.

Racing got underway with an early lead for Gary Moulds/Lewis Gray, much to the delight of their Northern Irish supporters with Wilkinson/ Millard holding second. Very quickly the battle was on with Brown/Chamberlain moving into second and chasing for the lead.

But as Brown/Chamberlain made a dive for the inside, the two teams touched but while Moulds/Gray kept going, Brown/Chamberlian stalled allowing Wilkinson/Millard back into second.

The supporters were hanging over the fences as the three teams locked into a close battle but the action was brought to an abrupt halt when the Red Flag was shown. There was a crash on track with Matthew Connor/Jake Grahame needing medical attention. It was quickly determined that only Jake was seriously injured and he was taken off to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital with hip issues that required an emergency operation.

On the re-start, Wilkinson/Millard led from Moulds/Gray with Jake Brown/Paul Horton initially third until Brown/Chamberlain forced their way into second. Once again the chase for the lead was on, but it was Wilkinson/Millard who held on for the win ahead of Brown/Chamberlain and Moulds/Gray. Dan Foden/Nathan Cooper were on top form battling through to fourth just ahead of Brwon/Horton with George Kinge/Dan Phelps in sixth.

In race two it was Wilkinson/Millars who took the holeshot with Moulds/Gray holding second. Brown/Chamberlain were fighting hard to catch the leading teams when they hit a deep rut and passenger Josh was thrown from the chair/ He hadn’t even hit the ground before he was running to re-join the bike and get back in the race.

This left Wilkinson/Millard with a safe lead but Brown/Chamberlain recovered well and by the halfway point were back into second and chasing the leaders. The supporters were really going wild, with the gap closing by a few seconds each lap, and with just a few laps remaining when it looked like another win for Wilkinson/Millard they had clutch issues didn’t have enough drive to hold their advantage over Brown/Chamberlain who blasted ahead in the final laps.

There was a great fight for third place as Moulds/Gray also had clutch problems on the final lap allowing Brown/Horton to take third with Kinge/Phelps Phelps next just ahead of Foden/Cooper with Michael Hodges/Jack Wilkinson just behind.

In the last championship race of the day, Brown/Chamberlain took an early lead but there was drama on bend one with Jake Brown losing his passenger Paul Horton. Even though he lay on the track being hit by other bikes, that wasn’t going to stop him and he jumped up and ran to a waiting Jake and they were on their way at the back of the pack but going like a train.

This time Brown/Chamberlain were determined to stay ahead despite Wilkinson/Millard being a close second and pushing hard throughout. Foden/Cooper had another consistent race to take third ahead of Kinge/Phelps with Moulds/Gray out on their reserve bike which didn’t give them such a great start but took them to a safe fifth ahead of Hodges/Wilkinson.

Amazingly, Brown/Horton blasted into seventh, passing Neil Campbell/Ross Grahame and Tony Graeme/Ryan Henderson on the last lap.

At the end of another eventful day, Wilkinson/Millard and Brown/Chamberlain now hold the same number of points and the same number of race wins (three each). Moulds/Gray hold third in the championship, just two points ahead of Brown/Horton who hold fourth with Foden/Cooper a further three points behind them.

Don’t miss round three at Dean Moor on May 29, where the battles will continue. Scroll down for results, standings and an exclusive TMX mega gallery.

Duns results

1 Stuart Brown/Josh Chamberlain (VMC AMS 665) 22 + 25 + 25 = 72

2 Brett Wilkinson/Joe Millard (WSP AMS 665) 25 + 22 + 22 = 69

3 Dan Foden/Nathan Cooper (WSP Zabel 700) 18 + 16 + 20 = 54

4 George Kinge/Dan Phelps (VMC Zabel 700) 15 + 18 + 18 = 51

5 Jake Brown/Paul Horton (VMC Zabel 700) 16 + 20 + 14 = 50

6 Michael Hodges/Jack Wilkinson (VMC Zabel 700) 14 + 15 + 15 = 44

7 Tony Grahame/Ryan Henderson (VMC Zabel 700) 11 + 13 + 13 = 37

8 Gary Moulds/Lewis Gray (WSP AMS 665) 20 + 0 + 16 = 36

9 Lee Foyle/Kevin Foyle (WSP Zabel 700) 13 + 11 + 10 = 34

10 Liam Mudie/Jim Kinge (WHT AMS 665) 10 + 12 + 11 = 32

Series standings

1 S Brown/Chamberlain 141, 2 Wilkinson/Millard 141, 3 J Brown/Horton 104, 4 Foden/Cooper 101, 5 Kinge/Phelps 96, 6 Moulds/Gray 94, 7 Hodges/Wilkinson 88, 8 Grahame/Henderson 62, 9 Pelling/Curnow 56, 10 Green/Green 51

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