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Eddie Jay Wade signs for Jezyk Racing

Eddie Jay Wade signs for Jezyk Racing

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Since becoming World 85cc champion, and following his astonishing show of dominance going 1-1 at the World Junior championships this year, 14-year-old Spanish based Brit Eddie Jay Wade has been weighing up his options with various offers on the table.

News broke last week that, Ed will be under the Jezyrk Racing awning next year, riding KTM in the Spanish and EMX125cc championships.

“After having a two-month break off the bike, Ed was invited down to the Red Sand complex as they were filming the MXGP trailer for the Spanish MX Park,” explained Ed’s Mum Sharon.
“Jorge Prado, Jose Butron, Iker Larranaga, Jorge Zaragoza, Kevin Horgmo and Mario Lucas Sanz (Spanish 125 champion) were there, too, as the MX1on-board crew did filming.”

It was announced Eddie would join the Spanish-based Jezyk Racing Team, along side two other Spanish riders Gerrard Congost and Oriol Oliver.  In 2018 the Jezyk Team aims to be the official Spanish KTM Junior team travelling to all EMX and Spanish National rounds.

Based an hour from Barcelona and with a base in Holland, they enjoyed success in 2017 with Sergi Notario – even though he missed the final round in Sweden, he finished sixth overall in the EMX 125 class.

Carlos Marchon is the team manager, who worked with Iker Larranaga before he went MX2, and with chief mechanic David Morato on board too, Marchion has experience of the GP/International scene working with riders such as Steven Fossard and Jeremy Van Horebeek.

“The teams future in the MXGP paddock looks very bright, and on a personal note for Ed, one of the big advantages – as it appears at the moment – is that it looks likely he will be keeping hold of some valued sponsors,” added Sharon. “Over the past few years Ed’s built up a relationship and confidence with the guys who have helped him so far, so to continue at this stage is the icing on the cake.”

Ed said: “Jezyk Racing Team is more like a family environment with a passion for MX. To be riding for KTM and be a part of this team is just like a dream come true for me. Gerard Congost and Oriol Oliver are real good friends too.

“We’ve had many battles on the track over the last few years in Spain, they are strong competitors which makes me even more determined to succeed.  “It’s amazing what’s happened and I can’t wait for the season to start.

“Although I know the EMX125cc class is going to be tough next year with many fast riders, I’m happy with my early pace shown on the 125.  “With the help of trainers Richard Mike Jones and Ashley Wilde, forever squeezing out fractions of seconds from my lap times, we’re all looking forward to the season ahead.

“Over the winter months, I’ll be concentrating on training on and off the bike here in Spain, with trips to Belgium and Holland to get the right balance for the first race in Valkenswaard on March 18.

“Trying to fit school work in with all this is hard but my school are 100 per cent behind me.  “They actually prepare my work in advance and arrange exams for when I am there.”