Fine is not fine for Moto101

Legal hot water for highly popular practice facility leaves us boiling


The owner of the highly popular Moto101 practice facility, Ryan Wilson, was caught out by waste industry regulations while trying to make improvements to the facility formerly known as Gonerby Moor.

Ryan had unwittingly permitted a local haulier to dump too much ‘waste product’ to build a spectator platform from, even though he had the required planning permission to do it.

The easy to make mistake, ended up costing Ryan over £3,400 in fines and court costs. The waste haulier meanwhile was fined nearly four times that as the courts felt they ought to have known better and were considered to have taken advantage of the track owner’s ignorance of the rules.

Even so, the fine couldn’t have come at a worse time for Ryan who has had to keep the Moto101 facility closed for much of the past 13 months due to Covid-19 lockdown rules and so income has been minimal. Hopefully, Lincolnshire will be blessed with good weather when tracks are allowed to open again.

It’s probably worth noting that entire venues have been lost to the sport due to similar discrepancies in the past – popular AMCA circuit Byley in Cheshire was one notable victim back in the nineties.

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