Honda 150 European riders get suspension specialist help

Honda 150 European riders get suspension specialist help

Honda World Motocross

For the 2016 Honda 150 European Championship season the youth riders will be able to benefit from the expertise of suspension specialists TRP, who will provide support and coaching throughout the season.

The importance of suspension setup is one more item that the Honda 150 European Championship will be able to add to its all-encompassing training programme. TRP will help the riders tailor and fine-tune the Showa suspension to their own height, weight and riding style, enabling the competitors to extract the best possible performance from their CRF150R on the MXGP tracks.

TRP will also coach the riders, and their mechanics, on how to set up their suspension depending on the track conditions and the altered riding style that results from the various track compounds.

The first time that the pre-selected 2016 riders will experience the Honda 150 European Championship will be at the pre-season training camp in Albaida, Spain (23-24 April).

Davy Dousselaere, Honda Europe Off-Road Manager

“We know that knowing how to set up the bike, in addition to riding skills, physical preparation, nutrition and mental preparation, is a skill that the young talent need if they have the ambition to become a professional rider. We have learnt that nowadays a lot of young riders do not have this skill or understand how to get the maximum out of their machine. This partnership with TRP, who have a lot of experience with the standard SHOWA suspension, we are able to bring in an extra part to the package that riders will need to succeed. So when TRP approached us we were immediately very enthusiastic about the partnership.”

Tom Wynants, TRP Suspension Racing Engineer

“I’m looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with the next generation of motocross riders in the Honda 150 European Championship. I have more than twenty years of experience as a personal technician to several of the top World Motocross riders and I’m looking forward to this new challenge. I think TRP can help contribute to the sporting future of the riders in the Honda 150 European Championship – suspension is such an important part of being competitive, and I think we can really help these kids understand the difference changes make and how to get the best from their suspension setup across the different tracks. Honda has given these young riders a great opportunity and I am looking forward to seeing how competitive the championship is this year.”