KTM tease 2023 SX motocross range ahead of the expected launch


KTM is teasing the 2023 SX motocross range ahead of the expected launch next week.

The Austrian-based brand has dropped a press release with a bunch of images, which you can see below. You can be sure when we have the first look on May 10 we’ll have it right here on TMX.

Rumours floating around on the interweb suggest we’ll see fuel-injected two-strokes and electric start. We’ll soon know for sure. The side-on engine image kinda shows a lot more electronics and the support bracket is much lower on the cylinder. Those footpegs are sexy and the seat is all-new; very flat at first look – we’ll need a closer look at all these.

Here’s the release:

Something is coming: are you ready to get serious?

At KTM we’re familiar with setting the standard. We’re buddies with the benchmark.

Unparalleled torque, power and weight ratios, cornering agility and the sharpest feeling, enviable starting prowess and styling: our KTM SX model range has been dropping milestones for a number of years now. Never tried one of our KTM SXs? Look around any racetrack – hobby or Pro – to see the strength orange. Speaking of professional racing: we’ve won a title or two in the last decade.

Right now, we want your attention more than ever. Why? We’ve been working. Our objectives are the same. Our mission objective is the same. Our processes are the same. But our achievements have reached a new sphere of performance, of conception.

It’s time to show how riding, thinking, and living motocross has changed. And we have a very special story coming very soon to drop you all right into the heart of this amazing project. Motocross fans will not want to miss it.

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