More for the Morewoods!

More for the Morewoods!

THE winners in 2004 with a three mark total, and again in 2006 after a hard day’s work on 48, Robin and Gill Morewood reclaimed the South Birmingham Motor club’s Sidecars only DK Mansell trophy after taking another fine victory on Sunday.

Showing just ten marks on their punch cards, seven of those were in the severe Strand Brook group of eight sections where, after a couple of dabs, Robin and Gill had their only failure in the last hazard and changed punch cards on a total of eight, just two ahead of first round winners Jon Tuck and Matt Sparkes who also dropped seven, including a five on the last section at the same group.

Third crew at the punch card change were Rupert and Chris Kimber who recorded 18 marks lost, two clear of Kevin Nolan and Karl Jarvis, as the only only championship contenders Steve Radford and Mike Redston were seemingly heading for a bad day.

Clee Hill (South Birmingham MC)

Championship: Robin/ Gill Morewood (290 MRS Sherco) 10 marks lost, John Tuck/ Matt Sparkes (270 Beta) 17, Rupert/ Chris Kimber (250 Sherco) 27, Kevin Nolan/ Karl Jarvis (290 Sherco) 29, Steve Radford/ Mike Redston (250 Scorpa) 54.

ACU Masters: Glynn Hawkins/ Tim Sparks (290 Sherco) 28 (27 cleans), Tony Crabtree/ Jamie Howe (2980 Sherco) 28 (23c), Phil Sparkes/ David Tuck (250 Montesa) 36, Lee Granby/ Amelia Haigh (250 Honda) 45 (22c), Ali Haigh/ Sam Luscombe (250 Montesa) 45 (21c), Robert Head/ Aron Jacobs (290 Sherco) 46, Les Lansley/ Ali Woodbridge (250 Scorpa) 55, Kevin Morley/ Chris Anderson (250 Montesa) 58.

ACU Clubman: Peter/ Daryl Dale (270 Beta) 42, Mick Treagus/ Steve Gold (300 Gas Gas) 53, Chris Dellow/ Kersty Fenner (250 Montesa) 82, Michael Jewell/ Ali Smith (250 Gas Gas) 96, Andrew Jewell/ Kelly Valentine (321 Gas Gas) 118.

Newcomers: Andy Abraham/ Pete Pesterfield (250 Montesa) 78, Chris Guppy/ Sara Carter (290 Sherco) 97.

For full report, results and pictures see T+MX News, Friday, February 23, 2007