MX Nationals

Tommy Searle: ‘I felt like I was a danger to myself’ – reaction as British champ struggles at FatCat


Just a week after Tommy Searle took a double race win at the opening British championship, the Crendon Fastrack Honda rider felt a danger to himself at a challenging FatCat in Doncaster as the MX Nationals’ season got underway.

Searle managed two good starts but then couldn’t capitalise on them due to arm pump and a crash.

The opening moto saw him at the head of the pack but then arm-pump kicked in and he faded back before pulling out to avoid falling. In the second race, he also had a great start but clashed with another rider in the fourth corner and re-started dead last in 31st. He rode to the end and had a 20th place finish.

“At least I am happy with my starts and that was all that was good all day,” exclaimed a disappointed Searle. “I had a terrible first race, got arm pump really quickly and really struggled. I felt like I was a danger to myself.

“In race two again I got a good start, then came together with another rider and went down. I didn’t have much about me to get through the pack. There were times when I just wanted to pull in but I carried on as I wanted to learn. I need to put more work in on these tracks – simple as that.

“But I’m happy to be leaving here healthy as I really enjoy racing at the minute. So we live to fight another day.”

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