VIDEO: Jake Nicholls – ‘FatCat was brutal’ ft. Tommy Searle & Dave Thorpe

MX Nationals / Video

It was the Crendon Fastrack Honda’s Jake Nicholls who fared best in the rough conditions in round one of the MX Nationals at Fatcat Motoparc at Doncaster.

Despite not being a fan of the deep sand track, Nicholls rode with dogged determination despite a bad start and a high-speed crash. In the opening heat, he rounded the first lap just inside the top ten then worked hard to catch up to the leading group to finish a well-deserved sixth.

But his standout ride was in the second moto, where he had a very poor start and ended the first lap in 27th place. He then staged an incredible comeback, slicing past 19 riders to seventh place just before the halfway point. He then pushed too hard and had a high-speed crash, but was uninjured while his Honda CRF450R had bent handlebars due to the impact. He got back on in 13th place and once again made his way forward to eighth for seventh overall.

Jake Nicholls: “I’m happy with how the day went as I never really enjoy this track. In the first race took a steady sixth and was okay with that. Race two I was really enjoying it – although I never enjoyed a lap here in my life before! I had a terrible start and got going, then crashed with a big flying ‘W’ over the back of the track and bent the bars as the bike landed awkwardly. It took a couple of laps to recompose myself then I passed some more riders. It shows my fitness is good! I can’t remember last time I rode another track as rough as that.”

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