German Grand Prix points mask Wilson Todd’s true speed and potential

Wilson Todd

Wilson Todd

The final stint of Grands Prix began in Germany, in Teutschenthal. New to the circuit, Wilson Todd quickly picked up good speed around the hilly Talkessel track, but bad luck would steal his chances of a top-10 finish.

Using his 13th gate pick, Todd was able to get a top 10 start in race one, but the gnarly deep ruts would put an end to the Australian’s performance, as a deep rut bent the gear lever under the footrest – hampering his ability to change gear.

Despite trying to push on, Todd was forced to make a pit stop, but the changeover cost him over a lap, dropping him down to 29th position. Not disheartened by this Todd once again got a great start on his KX250, mixing in with the top 10 guys, and as he made a push for sixth a small crash ended up costing him around five seconds. Unfortunately too much to overcome as he eventually crossed the finish line in a very solid seventh place.

Sadly, the one points-scoring ride didn’t reflect Todd’s speed and potential – he ended the day 14th overall.

Steve Dixon: “We were looking forward to Germany – it’s a good track for us. Wilson rode the track really well considering he’d never been there before. In race one, Wilson was in around seventh/eighth when he caught the gear lever on one of the deep ruts, which bent it under the footrest – making it hard to change gear. After attempting to continue eventually he had to pull in to have the lever changed, but at this point was around a lap down so was only able to finish in 29th.

Wilson Todd

Wilson Todd

“In race two it was a similar display of speed as he battled in the top 10, pushing within a few seconds of sixth before unfortunately, a small crash lost him around five seconds – he was unable to make the pass and had to settle for seventh position. We’re now looking forward to France this weekend as we carry on the last stint of the season over the next seven GPs.”

Wilson Todd: “I had a tough first moto. My start was okay but there were a lot of deep ruts and the gearshift got pushed up; I was stuck in second gear so I had to pit to fix it. The second race was not too bad; I sat back for a while but then I worked forward for seventh with good speed.”

The team now heads to France at the circuit of Lacapelle Marival for Round 12 of the FIM Motocross World Championship. With seven back-to-back races, it is going to be tough on the riders and will really show who has the endurance to round out the season.

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