Jeffrey Herlings takes pole on last lap in MXGP of Afyon


Tim Gajser, Glenn Coldenhoff and Calvin Vlaanderen were the top three in MXGP Free Practice at the 2021 MXGP of Afyon, but when it mattered in Time Practice, Tony Cairoli and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing teammates Jorge Prado and Jeffrey Herlings all came good.

While there was no rush for the riders to get out on track, Herlings did set the early Time Practice pace. Prado bettered the time and then later in the timed session annoyed Gajser as the MXGP world champion thought the Spaniard impeded a hot lap.

Herlings dramatically snatched pole on the final lap with a time almost a full second quicker than Prado who had to settle for second.

Gajser had passed the timing beam just in time to give him another shot at claiming the top spot but was unable to improve on his third place.

Cairoli finished fourth and Pauls Jonass continues his good form, despite his spectacular get off on Sunday, with a fifth-place on the gate.

“I had to keep trying for this one, I think it’s very important to stay on the inside [of the gate],” said Herlings after taking his fifth pole of the season.

“I had to put some heaters down but on the last lap I felt like the track was at its best and everything fell into place – found some good lines and we managed to get pole. I think it’s important to stay on the inside.

“I have to give it up to Red Bull KTM race team, they did a good job. We tried to improve [starts] yesterday so we’re going to see if it’s worked out today – that’s going to be key.”

MXGP Free Practice

PosNo.RiderNatBikeBest Lap
1243Tim GajserSLOHonda01:48.5
2259Glenn ColdenhoffNEDYamaha01:49.2
310Calvin VlaanderenNEDYamaha01:49.4
484Jeffrey HerlingsNEDKTM01:49.9
5189Brian BogersNEDGASGAS01:49.9
632Brent Van doninckBELYamaha01:50.3
716Benoit PaturelFRAHonda01:50.5
8303Alberto ForatoITAGASGAS01:50.9
977Alessandro LupinoITAKTM01:51.2
1019Thomas Kjer OlsenDENHusqvarna01:51.4
117Arminas JasikonisLTUHusqvarna01:51.5
1229Henry JacobiGERHonda01:52.0
1318Vsevolod BrylyakovMFRHonda01:52.4
14222Antonio CairoliITAKTM01:52.5
15161Alvin OstlundSWEYamaha01:52.5
16919Ben WatsonGBRYamaha01:52.8
17183Lorenzo LocurcioVENKTM01:52.8
1841Pauls JonassLATGASGAS01:53.4
1922Kevin StrijbosBELYamaha01:53.5
2061Jorge PradoESPKTM01:54.1
2191Jeremy SeewerSUIYamaha01:54.3
2289Jeremy Van HorebeekBELBeta01:54.8
233Romain FebvreFRAKawasaki01:56.8
2492Valentin GuillodSUIYamaha01:59.3
25881Dusan DrdajCZEKTM01:59.7
264Arnaud TonusSUIYamaha02:00.5

MXGP Time Practice

PosNo.RiderNatBikeBest LapDiff
184Jeffrey HerlingsNEDKTM01:44.300:00.0
261Jorge PradoESPKTM01:45.300:01.0
3243Tim GajserSLOHonda01:45.500:01.2
4222Antonio CairoliITAKTM01:46.200:01.8
541Pauls JonassLATGASGAS01:46.200:01.9
63Romain FebvreFRAKawasaki01:46.600:02.3
710Calvin VlaanderenNEDYamaha01:46.800:02.4
8303Alberto ForatoITAGASGAS01:46.900:02.5
977Alessandro LupinoITAKTM01:47.100:02.8
10259Glenn ColdenhoffNEDYamaha01:47.400:03.0
11189Brian BogersNEDGASGAS01:47.700:03.4
1219Thomas Kjer OlsenDENHusqvarna01:48.300:03.9
1391Jeremy SeewerSUIYamaha01:48.300:04.0
1489Jeremy Van HorebeekBELBeta01:48.300:04.0
1529Henry JacobiGERHonda01:48.700:04.4
1632Brent Van doninckBELYamaha01:48.800:04.4
177Arminas JasikonisLTUHusqvarna01:48.800:04.5
1822Kevin StrijbosBELYamaha01:48.800:04.5
194Arnaud TonusSUIYamaha01:49.100:04.7
2092Valentin GuillodSUIYamaha01:49.400:05.0
21183Lorenzo LocurcioVENKTM01:50.000:05.6
22919Ben WatsonGBRYamaha01:50.000:05.7
2316Benoit PaturelFRAHonda01:50.000:05.7
24161Alvin OstlundSWEYamaha01:50.100:05.7
2518Vsevolod BrylyakovMFRHonda01:50.300:06.0
26881Dusan DrdajCZEKTM01:52.000:07.6


Kay de Wolf and Jed Beaton set the early pace in MX2 Free Practice, but times tumbled in Time Practice with red plate holder Maxime Renaux on top, followed by Mattia Guadagnini and Tom Vialle.

Thibault Benistant and Jago Geerts were off the pace and down in 13th and 14th respectively. Conrad Mewse is again absent from Grand Prix action as the British MX2 champion-elect gets ready to head to Landrake for Sunday’s Revo-backed ACU MX2 finale.

MX2 Free Practice

PosNo.RiderNatBikeBest Lap
174Kay de WolfNEDHusqvarna01:54.5
214Jed BeatonAUSHusqvarna01:55.4
3516Simon LaengenfelderGERGASGAS01:55.9
4198Thibault BenistantFRAYamaha01:56.0
5517Isak GiftingSWEGASGAS01:56.2
628Tom VialleFRAKTM01:56.5
7125Emil WeckmanFINHonda01:56.5
8118Stephen RubiniFRAHonda01:56.8
9711Rene HoferAUTKTM01:57.0
1023Valerio LataITAKTM01:57.2
11172Mathys BoisrameFRAKawasaki01:57.2
1293Jago GeertsBELYamaha01:57.3
1311Mikkel HaarupDENKawasaki01:57.9
14959Maxime RenauxFRAYamaha01:58.2
1580Andrea AdamoITAGASGAS01:58.6
16101Mattia GuadagniniITAKTM01:58.7
17313Petr PolakCZEYamaha01:58.8
1820Wilson ToddAUSKawasaki01:58.9
19253Jan PancarSLOKTM02:00.9
2045Gerard CongostESPYamaha02:02.2
2170Ruben FernandezESPHonda02:05.3
22717Jan WagenknechtCZEKTM02:05.6
2394Gianluca FacchettiITAKTM02:09.7
24181Julian Vander AuweraBELHusqvarna02:13.8

MX2 Time Practice

PosNo.RiderNatBikeBest LapDiff
1959Maxime RenauxFRAYamaha01:50.100:00.0
2101Mattia GuadagniniITAKTM01:50.100:00.0
328Tom VialleFRAKTM01:50.400:00.3
4172Mathys BoisrameFRAKawasaki01:50.600:00.5
570Ruben FernandezESPHonda01:50.900:00.8
620Wilson ToddAUSKawasaki01:51.000:00.9
714Jed BeatonAUSHusqvarna01:51.300:01.2
874Kay de WolfNEDHusqvarna01:51.400:01.4
9711Rene HoferAUTKTM01:51.600:01.6
10118Stephen RubiniFRAHonda01:52.000:02.0
1180Andrea AdamoITAGASGAS01:52.100:02.1
1294Gianluca FacchettiITAKTM01:52.100:02.1
13198Thibault BenistantFRAYamaha01:52.300:02.3
1493Jago GeertsBELYamaha01:52.400:02.4
1511Mikkel HaarupDENKawasaki01:52.700:02.6
16517Isak GiftingSWEGASGAS01:53.100:03.0
17516Simon LaengenfelderGERGASGAS01:53.600:03.6
18313Petr PolakCZEYamaha01:54.300:04.2
19125Emil WeckmanFINHonda01:54.700:04.6
20253Jan PancarSLOKTM01:54.700:04.7
2123Valerio LataITAKTM01:54.900:04.9
22717Jan WagenknechtCZEKTM01:56.100:06.1
2345Gerard CongostESPYamaha01:57.000:07.0
24181Julian Vander AuweraBELHusqvarna02:01.100:11.0

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