Malaysian MXGP 2023 – Malaysia may host Motocross World Championship


The MXGP of Malaysia could be on the 2023 FIM Motocross World Championship calendar, according to a report by a major news organisation in Malaysia.

A local promoter said his group would submit plans to host an MXGP round in Malaysia to help vitalise the country’s motorsport industry.

“Next year, we will organise MXGP,” Syamsul Bakhtiar told New Straits Times. “We will try to bring in this world-class tournament – the number one tournament for motocross in the world is MXGP.

“[However], we need support not only from the government but also the sports activists. It is these sports activists who need to work with us to bring in this premier sport next year.”


Speaking after a meeting with the Malaysian Motorsports Association (MAM), Syamsul said to expect the middle of 2023 for the world series to visit Malaysia, tying into what he suggests would be a four-round segment of the MXGP championship.

He says those four rounds would encompass two stops in Indonesia, one in Malaysia, and one in Thailand. Syamsul has earmarked Selangor as the location – a state that encircles the capital Kuala Lumpur – for the Malaysian leg. But he stresses that calendar planning ultimately falls to series promoter Infront Moto Racing.

An MXGP calendar that develops in this direction looks more and more like the MotoGP model, with the notable absence of Australia.

MAM are keen to improve the quality and safety of motocross racing in the country, with too many unsanctioned events held without insurance coverage, safety, track inspection and rider protection.


No tracks in Malaysia are at the standard to host a world championship round. Therefore, like in Indonesia, local government and businesses would be required to help facilitate a Grand Prix.

The recent MXGP of Indonesia, which included several Malaysian wildcard entries, was, in several ways, a success. There were healthy crowd numbers at the circuit, locals warmly welcomed the teams and riders, and the industry hailed the Samota Rocket Motor Circuit as one of the best on the MXGP calendar. The only negatives were a few riders falling sick and, more glaringly, the low entry numbers due to the high cost of travel and shipping.

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