MXGP of Pietramurata Results 2020

4 November 2020 โ€“ Crossodromo Ciclamino circuit, Pietramurata, Italy

MXGP of Pietramurata Results 2020

2020 MXGP of Pietramurata results from Crossodrome Ciclamino circuit held November 4, 2020. Full race results, MXGP and MX2 GP overall results and 2020 FIM World Motocross Championship points from round 17.

Results from Trentino 2 added as they become available…

Team HRC’s Tim Gajser takes the 2020 MXGP title in Italy after finishing second behind Jeremy Seewer in the opening moto. The 24-year-old Slovenian had to battle with what appeared to be a clutch issue throughout the race but he got his head down and didn’t let it stop him from pushing Seewer all the way to the flag.

This is Gajser’s fourth world title, his first coming in the MX2 class in 2015. He then followed that up will his first MXGP title in his rookie year in 2016 and then won it again in 2019. For 2021 he will be going for the three-peat!

MXGP Free Practice โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

PosRiderBest Lap
1Tim Gajser01:39.7
2Romain Febvre01:39.7
3Benoit Paturel01:40.7
4Antonio Cairoli01:40.7
5Gautier Paulin01:41.0
6Brian Bogers01:41.5
7Valentin Guillod01:41.6
8Dylan Walsh01:41.7
9Jeremy Seewer01:41.9
10Adam Sterry01:42.0
11Alessandro Lupino01:42.2
12Evgeny Bobryshev01:42.6
13Tom Koch01:42.7
14Zachary Pichon01:42.9
15Ivo Monticelli01:43.3
16Tanel Leok01:43.8
17Jordi Tixier01:44.2
18Michele Cervellin01:44.3
19Petar Petrov01:44.5
20Jose Butron01:44.6
21Samuele Bernardini01:44.9
22Ander Valentin01:47.2
23Arnaud Tonus01:48.3
24Jeremy Van Horebeek01:50.9
25Clement Desalle01:51.9
26Brent Van doninck01:52.7

MXGP Time Practice โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

PosRiderBest Lap
1Jeremy Seewer01:38.9
2Romain Febvre01:38.9
3Tim Gajser01:39.0
4Arnaud Tonus01:39.1
5Clement Desalle01:39.4
6Antonio Cairoli01:39.5
7Gautier Paulin01:39.5
8Ivo Monticelli01:40.1
9Dylan Walsh01:40.1
10Adam Sterry01:40.7
11Alessandro Lupino01:40.7
12Jeremy Van Horebeek01:40.8
13Valentin Guillod01:40.8
14Brian Bogers01:40.9
15Zachary Pichon01:40.9
16Brent Van doninck01:41.2
17Jordi Tixier01:41.3
18Benoit Paturel01:41.3
19Michele Cervellin01:41.6
20Evgeny Bobryshev01:41.8
21Tanel Leok01:41.9
22Petar Petrov01:42.0
23Samuele Bernardini01:42.3
24Jose Butron01:42.4
25Tom Koch01:42.9
26Ander Valentin01:43.0

MXGP Race 1 โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

1Jeremy Seewer34:52.4
2Tim Gajser34:56.7
3Alessandro Lupino35:01.1
4Clement Desalle35:02.2
5Romain Febvre35:03.9
6Antonio Cairoli35:08.5
7Brent Van doninck35:14.5
8Brian Bogers35:17.6
9Gautier Paulin35:25.1
10Jordi Tixier35:31.6
11Adam Sterry35:36.0
12Jeremy Van Horebeek35:42.1
13Michele Cervellin35:45.0
14Ivo Monticelli35:47.7
15Arnaud Tonus35:49.5
16Dylan Walsh35:52.3
17Petar Petrov35:54.2
18Evgeny Bobryshev35:59.3
19Tanel Leok36:01.6
20Valentin Guillod36:03.6
21Samuele Bernardini36:07.3
22Jose Butron36:09.8
23Zachary Pichon36:11.2
24Benoit Paturel36:13.2
25Tom Koch36:20.4
26Ander Valentin16:30.7

MXGP Race 2 โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

1Tim Gajser34:44.4
2Romain Febvre34:47.4
3Jeremy Seewer35:13.9
4Clement Desalle35:22.8
5Antonio Cairoli35:35.5
6Brian Bogers35:40.6
7Gautier Paulin35:44.3
8Ivo Monticelli35:47.4
9Brent Van doninck35:51.6
10Valentin Guillod35:58.8
11Alessandro Lupino36:00.2
12Benoit Paturel36:06.7
13Adam Sterry36:11.8
14Michele Cervellin36:14.4
15Evgeny Bobryshev36:17.2
16Tanel Leok36:18.6
17Arnaud Tonus36:24.5
18Jordi Tixier36:27.4
19Zachary Pichon36:31.1
20Jose Butron36:34.1
21Dylan Walsh37:30.6
22Tom Koch34:50.6
23Samuele Bernardini35:12.1
24Ander Valentin29:39.8
25Petar Petrov15:10.4

MXGP Overall โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

1Tim GajserSLOHON222547
2Jeremy SeewerSUIYAM252045
3Romain FebvreFRAKAW162238
4Clement DesalleBELKAW181836
5Antonio CairoliITAKTM151631
6Alessandro LupinoITAYAM201030
7Brian BogersNEDKTM131528
8Gautier PaulinFRAYAM121426
9Brent Van doninckBELYAM141226
10Ivo MonticelliITAGAS71320
11Adam SterryGBRKTM10818
12Michele CervellinITAYAM8715
13Jordi TixierFRAKTM11314
14Valentin GuillodSUIHON11112
15Arnaud TonusSUIYAM6410
16Benoit PaturelFRAHON099
17Evgeny BobryshevRUSHUS369
18Jeremy Van HorebeekBELHON909
19Tanel LeokESTHUS257
20Dylan WalshGBRHON505
21Petar PetrovBULKTM404
22Zachary PichonFRAHON022
23Jose ButronESPKTM011
24Tom KochGERKTM000
25Samuele BernardiniITAYAM000
26Ander ValentinESPHUS000

MXGP Points Total โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

1Tim Gajser673
2A. Cairoli584
3Jeremy Seewer580
4Romain Febvre525
5Jorge Prado476
6G. Paulin467
7C. Desalle438
8G. Coldenhoff375
9J. Van Horebeek316
10Brian Bogers282
11J. Herlings263
12A. Jasikonis248
13Jordi Tixier248
14M. Evans228
15C. Vlaanderen206
16I. Monticelli206
17Arnaud Tonus156
18A. Lupino140
19Henry Jacobi134
20M. Cervellin115
21B. Van doninck95
22Tanel Leok88
23E. Bobryshev84
24Petar Petrov80
25V. Guillod77
26Dylan Walsh72
27Adam Sterry65
28B. Paturel54
29Shaun Simpson31
30Pauls Jonass26
31Jose Butron25
32P. Rauchenecker19
33K. Sabulis18
34N. Lapucci15
35T. Covington15
36Z. Pichon12
37S. Bernardini12
38Harri Kullas11
39Nathan Watson10
40F. van der Vlist9
41L. van Berkel9
42Tom Koch9
43Milko Potisek6
44A. Valentin4
45Kay Ebben2
46Artem Guryev2
47Rene Rannikko2
48Anton Gole2

Red Bull KTM’s Tom Vialle wins his first MX2 title after the opening race in Arco di Trento. The 20-year-old had to do it the hard way after his fastest timed lap was deleted for stopping on the track. He was left with last gate pick but that wasn’t enough to deny the young Frenchman as he squeezed in an impressive holey to give him a gate-to-flag win and the 2020 MX2 crown with three motos to spare.

MX2 Free Practice โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

PosRiderBest Lap
1Conrad Mewse01:40.4
2Jed Beaton01:40.8
3Thomas Kjer Olsen01:40.9
4Stephen Rubini01:41.0
5Josh Gilbert01:41.6
6Maxime Renaux01:41.6
7Roan Van De Moosdijk01:41.7
8Jago Geerts01:41.7
9Tom Vialle01:41.7
10Thibault Benistant01:41.9
11Isak Gifting01:42.0
12Michael Sandner01:42.0
13Bas Vaessen01:42.2
14Morgan Lesiardo01:42.2
15Ben Watson01:42.4
16Glen Meier01:42.6
17Joakin Furbetta01:43.4
18Ruben Fernandez01:43.6
19Alvin ร–stlund01:43.6
20Nathan Renkens01:43.6
21Jan Pancar01:43.7
22Wilson Todd01:43.9
23Bailey Malkiewicz01:44.0
24Richard Sikyna01:44.1
25Kevin Horgmo01:44.4
26Petr Polak01:44.4
27Jakub Teresak01:44.6
28Johannes Nermann01:48.0
29Leonardo Angeli01:50.7

MX2 Time Practice โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

PosRiderBest Lap
1Thomas Kjer Olsen01:39.6
2Roan Van De Moosdijk01:39.6
3Jed Beaton01:39.9
4Jago Geerts01:40.3
5Isak Gifting01:40.3
6Thibault Benistant01:40.4
7Alvin ร–stlund01:40.4
8Maxime Renaux01:40.4
9Michael Sandner01:40.4
10Stephen Rubini01:40.6
11Bas Vaessen01:40.6
12Kevin Horgmo01:40.7
13Conrad Mewse01:40.7
14Ruben Fernandez01:41.0
15Josh Gilbert01:41.2
16Ben Watson01:41.3
17Bailey Malkiewicz01:41.6
18Nathan Renkens01:41.6
19Morgan Lesiardo01:42.0
20Wilson Todd01:42.1
21Joakin Furbetta01:42.7
22Jan Pancar01:42.8
23Glen Meier01:42.9
24Petr Polak01:43.3
25Leonardo Angeli01:43.7
26Jakub Teresak01:44.1
27Richard Sikyna01:44.1
28Johannes Nermann01:44.3
29Tom Vialle01:39.7

MX2 Race 1 โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

1Tom Vialle34:52.3
2Jed Beaton34:58.1
3Maxime Renaux35:01.8
4Ben Watson35:02.8
5Jago Geerts35:08.2
6Thomas Kjer Olsen35:15.9
7Thibault Benistant35:21.9
8Ruben Fernandez35:22.9
9Roan Van De Moosdijk35:29.3
10Morgan Lesiardo35:30.9
11Stephen Rubini35:32.4
12Bailey Malkiewicz35:33.7
13Alvin ร–stlund35:35.4
14Kevin Horgmo35:39.2
15Michael Sandner35:47.6
16Bas Vaessen35:55.7
17Josh Gilbert35:58.0
18Isak Gifting36:07.0
19Jan Pancar36:07.8
20Nathan Renkens36:08.6
21Wilson Todd36:15.9
22Richard Sikyna36:18.9
23Glen Meier36:22.0
24Johannes Nermann35:00.3
25Petr Polak35:03.9
26Joakin Furbetta35:43.7
27Leonardo Angeli36:06.9
28Conrad Mewse31:47.3
29Jakub Teresak00:16.4

MX2 Race 2 โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

1Jago Geerts35:10.4
2Ben Watson35:12.3
3Thibault Benistant35:15.9
4Jed Beaton35:17.0
5Maxime Renaux35:36.0
6Ruben Fernandez35:37.8
7Stephen Rubini35:40.7
8Thomas Kjer Olsen35:41.9
9Alvin ร–stlund35:54.3
10Conrad Mewse35:57.5
11Bas Vaessen36:00.3
12Bailey Malkiewicz36:27.9
13Michael Sandner36:37.9
14Morgan Lesiardo36:41.3
15Richard Sikyna36:46.5
16Petr Polak36:46.7
17Wilson Todd36:47.7
18Isak Gifting36:52.9
19Kevin Horgmo36:54.7
20Glen Meier36:58.8
21Jakub Teresak37:00.0
22Johannes Nermann35:51.1
23Tom Vialle36:52.2
24Jan Pancar32:56.0
25Joakin Furbetta35:26.4
26Roan Van De Moosdijk23:03.6
27Josh Gilbert14:37.2
28Leonardo Angeli15:41.3
29Nathan Renkens13:17.0

MX2 Overall โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

1Jago GeertsBELYAM162541
2Ben WatsonGBRYAM182240
3Jed BeatonAUSHUS221840
4Maxime RenauxFRAYAM201636
5Thibault BenistantFRAYAM142034
6Ruben FernandezESPYAM131528
7Thomas Kjer OlsenDENHUS151328
8Tom VialleFRAKTM25025
9Stephen RubiniFRAHON101424
10Alvin ร–stlundSWEHON81220
11Bailey MalkiewiczAUSHON9918
12Morgan LesiardoITAHON11718
13Bas VaessenNEDKTM51015
14Michael SandnerAUTGAS6814
15Roan Van De MoosdijkNEDKAW12012
16Conrad MewseGBRKTM01111
17Kevin HorgmoNORKTM729
18Richard SikynaSVKKTM066
19Isak GiftingSWEGAS336
20Petr PolakCZEYAM055
21Wilson ToddAUSKAW044
22Josh GilbertGBRHUS404
23Jan PancarSLOKTM202
24Glen MeierDENYAM011
25Nathan RenkensBELKTM101
26Jakub TeresakCZEKTM000
27Johannes NermannESTHUS000
28Joakin FurbettaITAKTM000
29Leonardo AngeliITAKTM000

MX2 Points Total โ€“ Pietramurata 2020

1Tom Vialle718
2Jago Geerts661
3Maxime Renaux541
4Jed Beaton528
5T. Olsen517
6Ben Watson506
7R. Van De Moosdijk454
8Conrad Mewse338
9R. Fernandez332
10S. Rubini259
11Alvin ร–stlund241
12M. Boisrame234
13Isak Gifting213
14Bas Vaessen163
15A. Forato156
16B. Malkiewicz146
17Kevin Horgmo127
18M. Lesiardo122
19Mikkel Haarup118
20Josh Gilbert102
21Jan Pancar101
22N. Renkens98
23N. Crawford91
24T. Benistant90
25Cyril Genot85
26R. Sikyna74
27Rene Hofer73
28M. Guadagnini62
29M. Sandner60
30S. Laengenfelder59
31Jeremy Sydow35
32Petr Polak34
33H. Roosiorg33
34M. Harrison22
35G. Cenerelli21
36Enzo Toriani21
37J. Nermann16
38A. Dickinson15
39Wilson Todd12
40Glen Meier10
41Jakub Teresak8
42Filippo Zonta6
43R. Edelbacher5
44J. Furbetta3
45M. Spies2
46Jere Haavisto2

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