PR – KTM Motocross MX3 8/5/06

PR – KTM Motocross MX3 8/5/06

The Hungarian track of Nyaregyhaza proved to be a tricky one. The combination of sand and loose soil on a rock-hard hard underground became very rutted, more dangerous and much more fysically demanding than the previous tracks so far this season. There were lots of crashes which had their infuence on this weekends GP-outcome. After Italy the pressure was on Sven Breugelmans who faced a 26 point gap to teammate and MX-3 championship leader Yves Demaria.

Sven comments;”What a super-weekend!, for starters I set the best time in time-practice, with a 1.66 sec. gap over Yves who set the 3rd.time behind Oddenino.The first race I cornered at 5th position and fairly easy worked my way to the front towards Yves who grabbed the holeshot earlier on.I passed Yves and went flat out, creating a gap of approx.1O seconds.This proved to be enough to control the race and slow down a bit to a 6 in order to finish in winning position.”

What Sven didn´t know is that Yves ´s goggles where busted at the start of the race and he had to remove them. Riding without goggles at this level is a serious injury threat and the experienced Yves settled for 2nd at a safe distance from the roost blasting of Sven´s rear-Dunlop.

Sven continues;” I took the holeshot the second race and again I went flat out following the same strategy as in the first race.This time however I crashed and had to restart at 3rd position.I managed to take the lead again and created a 6sec. gap. Track-conditions now were downright ugly and jumping tabletops and big doubles was too dangerous because of doubled riders in my way.This got me into trouble as Sjoerd Nales,( my mechanic) signaled I was loosing ground to my opponents. I stepped up the pace and secured my second win here today in Hungaria earning me 50 valuable points.”

Yves Demaria Holeshotted the second race but lost the front-end and crashed early on in the race.He restarted from dead-last and managed to finish at 4th position when the checkered flag waved. An impressive performance from our sympathic worldchampion under these track-conditions. Yves leaves Nyaregyhaza with a 16 point lead over Sven Breugelmans.

Final results of the MX-3 GP of Hungaria:
1 Sven Breugelmans 50 pnt
2 Cristian Beggi 42 pnt
3 Yves Demaria 40 pnt.
4 Enrico Oddenino 38 pnt
5 Cristophe Martin 31 pnt

Our KTM-Redbull youngster Joel Roelants gets commented by teammanager Jacky Martens;” Joel´s weekend was dominated by crashes. At the start of the first race he went down to fight back from dead-last to 18th when he again lost his 25OF SXS .After remounting he finished 13th at what was by then still a fast track. The second race, Joel again crashed at the start to work his way back to 14th position.By then he completely overjumped a big jump and collapsed at impact smacking his throat against the handlebar.This caused him to dnf, luckily without serious injury .There are riders who need to be motivated to ride hard.Luckily Joel sometimes has to be motivated to calm down.Still it´s all about learning , Joels time will defintly come!”

In Hungaria agian Bram Oosterbosch proved to be our most consistent youngster. In the first race Bram crashed at first-turn but still managed to work his way up to 18th at the finish. A 13th place finish at the second race earned him 19th for the day. Yentel Martens qualified without too many problems in his first year of experience at european level.With four laps to go in the first race, at 11th position,the lights went out and he dropped 8 positions to finish 19th.Nyaregyhaza proved to be fysically very demanding for Yentel. The second race resulted in a dnf caused by a malfunction in the forks. Yentel was taking the impact of landings on his arms which proved too much for our JMJunior-youngster.

Final result of the MX-2 european championship Hungaria:
1 Dennis Verbruggen 50 pnt.
2 Steven Frossard 38 pnt.
3 Rob van Vijfeijken 36 pnt.
4 Josef Kulhavy 33 pnt.
5 Filip Neugebauer 32 pnt.
6 Daniel Thom 24 pnt.
7 Tomas Bucenec 24 pnt.
8 Nick tuin 20 pnt.
9 Jeremy van Horebeek 18 pnt.
10 Deny Philippaerts 18 pnt.
15 Coen van Haut 13 pnt.
17 Jan van Hastenberg 12 pnt.
19 Bram van Oosterbosch 11 pnt.
20 Shannon Terreblanche 10 pnt,
24 Yentel Martens 2 pnt.
26 Kevin Wouts 1 pnt.

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