FIM Motocross World Championship promoters, Youth Stream, recently paid a visit to Matterley Basin, which will be the scene of the 2006 British Grand Prix and Motocross of Nations, and have given their blessing to modifications to the original circuit plans.

Last Monday Youth Stream Track Manager Greg Atkins travelled to the site just outside of Winchester and along with designer Johnny Douglas Hamilton made small adjustments to the drawing so that the layout adheres perfectly to the FIM regulations and also offers the best spectacle possible to the public.

“It was good to have Greg’s input and in the end we did some redesigning because the paddock has now moved slightly,” said former national MX rider Hamilton.

He continued. “The paddock will be long and thin and probably see four long rows for the team trucks and semis. This will provide great access for the public to see behind the scenes and get an understanding of how a Grand Prix pit area really works. By putting the paddock on the other side of the site we can condense the track further into the bowl, and like Greg pointed out this means that we get the benefit of the landscape and it also ensures better viewing for the spectators.”

“We have five off-camber bends and around twenty corners in total,” he added regarding the specifics of the brand new course. “We are satisfying Youth Stream’s criteria for the Grand Prix and I know that I can build some fantastic jumps.”

“The landscape has really good potential and it’s surprising when you actually get to the valley you can see a lot of good humps and lumps from which to create some good jumps,” said Atkins. “If you stand on the main part of the bowl then you can see 90% of the circuit and there are other areas where you will be able to see everything. Johnny and I spent the last four days there running through a design and I am confident that it will be very good.”

Located a stone’s throw from the site of the Hi:Fi music festival the Matterley venue will undergo a period of transformation over the next five weeks.

“Matterley will be a good circuit for the fans and will produce better racing than the Isle of Wight and a better overall view,” assured Atkins. “I was honestly surprised by the complex when I arrived because I had only seen photos before. It was different to what I expected, but in a very positive way.”

Bike It Promotions will continue to work closely with Youth Stream and Winchester City Council over the coming weeks to ensure that both the 2006 British Grand Prix and Motocross of Nations become the two great events that everyone is confident they will be.

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