Pro-GreenMX on why they have changed name to Motoverde


The salt-free cleaning products company Pro-GreenMX has today announced a change of name to reflect a growing market for their leading products.

Pro-GreenMX has come a long way since it first hit the motocross scene back in August 2012, becoming one of the most recognised names in the paddock.

Salt-free has always been the message they wanted to get across, as people were using very aggressive cleaners that would damage their bikes and the environment.

Many people in the motocross industry have witnessed first-hand the effects of these cleaners, so after using Pro-GreenMX products they now trust this brand completely. The company says their passion for the sport and what they do as a business will always give them the advantage to remain the safest and most effective cleaner on the planet.

“I had no idea 10 years ago that I had created a product that would become so dominant in the UK market, available throughout Europe and even distributed in Australia,” exclaimed Steve Cowburn.

Being a chemical manufacturer, their product range has grown to produce products of all types for different markets in the UK, throughout Europe and even down under in Australia – so “why the change?”

Pro-GreenMX was originally named after what it was manufactured for… Motocross. The green colour came from the 20th sample as all the other samples were different. Bike Wash is still the same original green that it was 10 years ago, and it still has that same unique smell!

The MX in the name gives some resistance from the Motorcycle, Vehicle, Motorhome and Powersports sectors. Even with this resistance, they have been continuously approached by these markets as they are hearing the salt-free message.

The brand feels customers deserve the fullest opportunity to experience their products as well as becoming loyal advocates of a brand name they can be proud to be a part of.

The company are so passionate and excited to begin the process to grow the brand globally and share what salt-free really means!

Motoverde gives their much-loved brand the diversity to become the number one cleaner across the world, not only for the motorsports industries but for anyone wishing to give their pride and joy the safest and most effective clean possible!

It is important for us to keep our identity says the company; ‘Verde’ translates to ‘green’! The labels remain very similar, and the products will not change.

Developing the brand within the motocross industry has been an honour for Motoverde – they are keen enthusiasts of the sport and is something they will strive to continue with even though they are expanding into other sectors.

Motoverde is excited to encourage everybody from motocross and beyond to Move Forward. Choose Salt-Free.

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