The best motocross helmet for every budget and how to find the right one

we take a look at the best motocross helmets

Here we look at some of the best motocross helmets across different budgets. We’ll show you why they’re considered some of the best, offer tips to help you find the best motocross helmet that’s right for you, and even show you how you could save some money.

We’ve seen the best motocross helmets increase in popularity, thanks in part to technological advancements in recent years and the increase in safety awareness from motocross riders.

A motocross helmet is not something you ever want to truly test and even if we do ‘test’ one on occasion, we never know if it has truly done its job.

Okay, there are the odd cases where a motocross helmet takes a catastrophic pounding, and the rider inside is a-okay. At which point we can be sure that they protected their payload, but for the most part, the work a motocross helmet does remains unseen – they’re kinda like the Santa of off-road products.

But that doesn’t mean you should only consider purchasing one in December. There’s never a wrong time to invest in your health, and when you buy a new motocross helmet, you’re doing just that. Whether that justification will work on your significant other or not is a total unknown to us. But just how intimate is he or she with it anyway? Would they even know if you’d bought another? Exactly! And even if they get suspicious, you just need to respond with ‘What? That old thing?’…

Helmet certifications

When buying a motocross helmet in the UK, we tend to rely on whether it’s got an ACU Gold Stamp or not. But to be legally sold here they need to meet certain standards – BS 6658:1985 or ECE 22-05. So whenever you go motocross helmet shopping, they’re essentials.

Having seen what it takes for a helmet to be eligible to receive these certifications, we can assure you that they will do a job but don’t assume that all motocross helmets are created equal.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a motocross helmet is fit because whether it’s too big or too small then you’re gonna suffer in the long run. It’s worth remembering that everyone’s noggin is different. And sizes vary between manufacturers too. So the only way you’ll be sure a helmet is right is by trying it on.

The better manufacturers do have bells and whistles fitting guides. But even so – it’s worth trying before you buy if you want the best motocross helmet for you.

How much should you spend on a helmet?

We often get asked, ‘how much should I spend on a new motocross helmet?’ Well, how much do you value your head? We suggest spending as much as you can afford if you want the best motocross helmet protection. Many brands have ranges with models at various price points – the more you spend the more safety features they tend to have. And in recent times, there has been a massive change in motocross helmet technology. It can all get a tad confusing.

To help you find a motocross helmet you’re happy to slip your noggin into, we’ve pulled together some of our favourites at various price points. You may notice that this article contains affiliate links. We earn a small commission on items purchased through this article. But that does not affect our editorial judgement. We are as honest as the day is long…

We do plan to add more motocross helmets as time allows so please keep on checking back…

Motocross helmet Airoh Aviator 3 Black Rampage

Airoh Aviator 3 Black Rampage

Airoh Aviator 3

Many world champions consider these the best motocross helmets

The Airoh Aviator 3 is the helmet of choice for world champions including Steve Holcombe, Tony Cairoli, Billy Bolt, Tom Vialle, Jason Anderson, Jeffrey Herlings, Marvin Musquin, Jorge Prado and Brad Freeman. And when you check out the tech-specs of the Aviator 3 it’s no wonder that it’s chosen by those who rely so heavily on their protective equipment.

The Aviator 3 is Airoh’s flagship off-road model and retails in the UK for £599.99. To ensure the optimum levels of protection and comfort the Aviator 3’s shell comes in four sizes.

Airoh designed the Aviator 3 using a wind tunnel so the engineers could determine the best shape for maximum performance. Extreme attention was therefore paid to aerodynamics – to make the helmet stable even at high speeds. And to thermodynamics to optimise thermoregulation.

Inside the shell, Airoh uses an overwhelming array of technology in this new product. Including AMS2 Plus (Airoh Multi-action Safety System Plus), AEFR (Airoh Emergency Fast Release) and AMLS (Airoh Magnetic Lining System).

Motocross helmet Airoh Aviator 3 Blue Rampage

Airoh Aviator 3 Blue Rampage

Eight air intakes and spoilers with integrated extractors help keep the interior of the Aviator 3 comfortable for its inhabitant – even in the most extreme conditions. Adding to this comfort is the innovative AHS (Airoh Hydration System), which Airoh integrated into the EPS.

The hypoallergenic liner is fully removable and held in place by magnets making removal and replacement an absolute breeze.

Weighing in at a very competitive 1350g, the Aviator 3 is available in six sizes XS to XXL and a couple of colour options.

The Airoh dealer network in the UK is pretty extensive. That’s always a good sign and there are quite often good deals to be had.

Motocross helmet THOR Reflex Blackout

THOR Reflex Blackout

THOR Reflex Cast

One of the best motocross helmets at half the price

At around half the price of an Airoh Aviator 3 is THOR’s Reflex helmet which is available as the white/black ‘Cast’ model or the matt black ‘Blackout’ version. The designs are very plain and we think they look great – less is more and all that.

The Reflex helmet has a fibreglass reinforced composite shell with MIPS technology between the shell and dual-density EPS that has integrated Koroyd for better energy absorption.

THOR has enhanced rider comfort with contoured cheek pads. These have quick-release pull tabs and a removable, washable, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial DRYFORM comfort liner. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness and religious or not, nobody likes a whiffy helmet.

Motocross helmet THOR Reflex Cast White

THOR Reflex Cast White

The THOR Reflex weighs in at a very respectable 1550 g and comes with its very own drawstring bag.

Size-wise everyone from XS to XXL is covered

Motocross helmet Shoei VFX-WR White

Shoei VFX-WR White

Shoei VFX-WR

The TMX wrecking crew consider these one of the best motocross helmets

If you want a top of the range motocross helmet at a more friendly price, it’s worth checking out if they do a plain model as there can be BIG savings for you to enjoy.

The Shoei VFX-WR is a prime example of this as the Plain model is almost a quarter cheaper than the model with graphics – £399.99 to £529.99. While a plain white, black gloss or matt black helmet might not be to everyone’s tastes, it’s 130 quid and who doesn’t like having 130 quid. Exactly.

When under £400 the Shoei VFX-WR gives you a lot of motocross helmet for your money and in our opinion is one of the best-looking skid lids around. It’s aggressive and looks fast even when it’s sat doing nothing.

The VFX-WR is not just a pretty face

The VFX-WR is not all about looks though – it’s full of safety features while oozing quality. Shoei has made the shell from multi-composite and high-performance fibre in various layers, and inside there is a Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S) that enhances the three-piece EPS liner. An Emergency Quick Release System is highly effective with the 3D Max Dry cheek pads also easily removed and washable.

The TMX wrecking crew have always been big fans of the Shoei VFX range as comfort and protection are so high with most brands of goggle working on most face shapes so you don’t get that nasty dirt ingress that happens with some helmet/goggle combos.

We’ve found it’s possible to wear a Shoei all day, which is a testament to their build quality and the function of the helmet’s cooling ducts, which also enhance the look of the lid. We’re unsure if our riders just got lucky or not but the VFX-WR feels like it’s hugging your head and being inside one is very comforting.

If money is no object, then the VFX-WR is available in options with graphics too…

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