The Farmboy Bash: UK minibike Supercross revealed

The Farmboy Bash: UK minibike Supercross revealed

Just weeks after its 4 Nations Team MX event announcement, Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club are out again with further dirt bike fun – this time a pre-season event, the Farmboy Bash.

The Farmboy Bash will kick off the first of Steel Hawk’s six racing events in 2022 with Wheeldon Farm Off-Road Centre in Devon set to stage the opener on February 5-6.

What is the Farmboy Bash?

The ‘Farmboy Bash’ is a brand new event for minibike racers and will also incorporate two days of ‘Revvi Cup’ electric bike racing for the youngsters to enjoy and get into the sport. “We had such a positive response to the Revvi Cup races at our Airborne Gunner Summer SX this year that the guys at Revvi wanted to do more so we started to think of how and when we could do that,” explains Steel Hawk MCC’s Paul Oughton.

“We thought taking it inside would be a good idea for obvious reasons like the unpredictability of the British weather and it allows us to kick off our season earlier. Then we thought, ‘how cool would it be to lay on a minibike Supercross?’ so we’ve combined the two and plan to make a really cool event for adults and kids alike under the lights at Wheeldon Farm.”

Jeff Perrett, who along with Paul and Julie Coyne founded the Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club, is confident it’s going to be something to look forward to. “I think it’ll be a fun weekend, which is what we’re all about,” said Perrett.

“When we set out with Steel Hawk our main aim was to lay on different and fun events to the norm. I think over the past few years we’ve achieved that objective and we’re now in a position to add more like the Farmboy Bash, 4 Nations Team MX and Hammer & Tongs Team Trophy and we’ve got another couple more up our sleeve.

“Minibike racing on a small, technical indoor Supercross style track will be really entertaining and we can create a good atmosphere. Having been involved as the team manager for the British team at the Pit Bike of Nations at RedBud a few years back and racing in it myself down the years I know there’s a real good laugh to be had. So why not go for it and add a minibike event to our portfolio of events?

“We want to try and cater for all different varieties of off-road motorcycling, again, that was another reason we came up with our Helter Skelter Hillclimb. We’ll look to lay on a party on the Saturday night at the Farmboy Bash and just generally try to have a good laugh in the dark, cold winter before looking forward to our summer events.”

Race classes at the ‘Farmboy Bash’ will be:

FARMBIKE CLASS – 125cc 4 Strokes – Stock Machines Only – 30 Riders

ELECTRIC 50cc CLASS – KTM SXE-5 / Husqvarna EE 5 / Gas Gas MCE 5 – 6 Riders


12″ Class – 3 to 4 Years Old – 8 Riders

12″ Class – 5 to 6 Years Old – 8 Riders

12″ + Class – 3 to 4 Years Old – 8 Riders

12″ + Class – 5 to 6 Years Old – 8 Riders

16″ Class – 5 to 6 Years Old – 8 Riders

16″ Class – 7 to 8 Years Old – 8 Riders

16″ + Class – 5 to 6 Years Old – 8 Riders

16″ + Class – 7 to 8 Years Old – 8 Riders

Entries for the Farm Boy Bash are now open via here.

Steel Hawk MCC will be running the following events for 2022:

Farmboy Bash (incorporating the ‘Revvi Cup’)
Helter Skelter Hillclimb
Airborne Gunner Summer Supercross (incorporating the ‘Revvi Cup’)
Rock it til Sundown Summer MX Classic
Hammer & Tongs Team Trophy
4 Nations Team MX (incorporating the ‘Revvi Cup’)

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