TMX Says: Maxxis gets its feet wet

TMX Says: Maxxis gets its feet wet

Conrad MewseNuno Laranjeira

So the big news this week was that the UK managed to successfully hold a first – albeit the second – round of a national motocross championship. Woohoo!

Yep, that’s right – the RHL Activities team beat all the odds to successfully run round two of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship which despite what the name would have you believe was actually the season opener.

RHL had also planned to get the British Youth Nationals and Premier MX series off the ground too. But the wet weather won that war and after holding ‘silver command meetings’ the Gareth Hockey-managed crew decided that the Maxxis must take priority…

To be fair I don’t feel that that the BYN and Premier MX punters should feel too peeved about it all either. As things turned out Sunday offered a window in the weather to salvage something and had the BYN run as planned then the venue itself probably wouldn’t have been fit for the British Championship round.

And while the track may have been prime for Sunday’s action I’m sure it wasn’t come kick-off time for the Premier. There were plenty of other MX meetings that got called off over the Easter weekend due to the pesky weather – perhaps most surprisingly the opening BSMA Nationals encounter that should have happened at FatCat.

You know the UK’s been hit by bad weather when one of the country’s leading sand tracks – that even has hard-standing pits alongside – cannae handle the ridiculousness of the damp-stuff deluge.

The unkind Easter weather has had a knock-on effect to this weekend’s Michelin MX Nationals season-opener that relocates to Preston Docks from its original home of Lyng.  Given plenty of notice I’m not sure anyone can see this as a negative and so long as the River Ribble ain’t hit by a tsunami or something – weirder things have happened in the last week or so – then everything should be a-okay. I’ve got everything crossed just in case.

Even though I’ve been around and seen a lot of stuff, man, I honestly don’t recall a start to a season that’s been so delayed – except 2001 of course when Foot and Mouth put things on hold for around six months.

I wasn’t so fussed about it back then as it was in my pre-industry days and I was sidelined with a split femur from a pre-Christmas training accident anyway. It’s fairly unlikely this wet spell is gonna last until August so fingers crossed everything can keep on cracking on from this weekend onwards.

The next few weeks offer up a stack of interesting viewing opportunities for us TMX folk as within a 20-mile radius we’ll have the MX Nationals (April 7/8) and BYN series (April 14/15) openers at Preston plus a round of the RT Keedwell British Trials Championship at Tow Tops (also on April 15).

Although I’ve been to many a world championship – both indoor and outdoor – and a stack of local and national trials I’ve never actually attended a round of the British Championship before so it’s gonna be an interesting day out for me and the kiddysprinkles.