TMX vintage in the USA

TMX vintage in the USA

So you’ve just holeshot the AMA Supercross season opener and you’re running away at the front of the pack when all of a sudden, right around the 15-minute mark, something catches your eye and throws you right off your game.

All of a sudden you’ve slipped from first to fourth and since they’ve already written about it in TMX you know the race is most definitely over. We’ve all been there, right? Dean Wilson suffered that exact same fate at the weekend just as it looked like he was about to pull off the first privateer win since Ricky Ryan at Daytona in 1987 (I think?)!

But what was it that put Deano off his stride? Was it the allure of the Monster girls? Was he considering how to spend the Husqvarna bonus money? Was he already running through his victory speech inside his helmet or perhaps it was something else entirely?

In the interests of not making this story work, I decided not to ask him the truth although I’m 100 per cent sure that if I had then he’d answered something like this. “Oh aye, I had it in the bag, eh?” he’d have claimed in his weird Glasgae-meets-Kids-of-Degrassi-Street type Scotnadian accent. “I couldnae believe it mon – there was a TMX hat loose aboot the Anaheim Angels’ hoose!”

When I found out this fact I was really excited too and it most definitely put me off my Mad Skills MX 2 stride for a few rounds so I know exactly how Deano felt. But how the hell did it all come about?

Well, I’ve since learned the truth about how a bona fide nineties’ Trials and Motocross News beanie – and not a reproduction item like Ken Roczen’s Fox kit that sorta paid homage to Jeff Stanton’s AXO race wear – ended up in Anaheim so I’ll share.

Apparently, Shaun Hamer – who himself appeared in TMX a plethora of times around that era as an ACU Expert in the southern scene – is now SoCal-based and still rides a fleet of Suzuki Vintage and Evo-class machinery. With a cold/damp evening forecast Shaun took his prized TMX beanie with him.

This proves several things. First that Shaun is really smart as not only is he a TMX reader who invested in the brand by buying a woolly hat decades ago but he was smart enough to have the foresight to take it with him when he emigrated to the States AND smart enough to keep his noggin warm with it at A1 even if it ended up costing Deano the win (it didn’t).

It also proves that TMX products are built to last just like the brand behind it. I mean, I bet there were no Motocross Rider, MXUK, MotoX, Moto or Trialsworld promotional items being rocked so splendidly at A1 this year – or any other year come to think of it.

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the team that’s keeping the TMX dream alive and I get immense pleasure from seeing readers supporting the brand at events. I’d love to see more of the same so please send in any images of yourself draped in TMX finery – from whatever era – to me right here at

If there’s enough response it might even mean that I can convince my evil overlords to produce more. Now what would everybody like?