VIDEO: Tommy Searle ‘Living the American Dream’ – 2009 AMA Motocross season unseen footage

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"Questionable sunglasses & haircuts" — "I don't sound American, it's worse than American" — "It's cringe" — "You're gonna think I'm a complete b*llend"

Living the American Dream is Tommy Searle’s latest vlog. It covers “never seen or talked about” footage from his 2009 AMA Motocross season. Here’s what Tommy said about it…

As its lockdown Ed has pulled out an old EDUB MEDIA hard drive and struck gold, in 2009 he worked for Troy Adamitis who produced The Great Outdoors movies, it was his job to follow me and document all of the 2009 AMA motocross races, he also filmed most of my year including training and lifestyle, most of the footage never got used or seen until now.

There is a lot of cringe footage that even now watching it back gives me the shivers, so hopefully you can see the funny side.

Its a bit of a different style of vlog I’ve been doing but I think it’s pretty interesting as my time out there was pre-Instagram days so its never really been seen or talked about like it would be in today’s world.

I’m going to split this video series into a few parts as there is just so much footage and I want to keep it interesting. Stay tuned for the racing parts as there is some cool footage of Dungey, Pourcel, Barcia and more.

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