2022 WSX: Ken Roczen, Dean Wilson, Max Anstie, and Wilson Todd on Honda team?

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There's some good info here, but there could be some important details still to come...

The soon-to-be-announced Factory Honda Australia squad, known in the states as Firepower Honda (or is that Fire Power Honda? Even the team can’t make up their mind), is set to be announced for the 2022 FIM World Supercross Championship, says a report from VitalMX.

And this could be the rider line-up: Ken Roczen, Dean Wilson, Max Anstie and Wilson Todd.

VitalMX suggests that these four athletes would be the SX1 and SX2 riders for the Factory Honda Australia team. But does all of what this video says add up? I can’t help but think there are some pieces of the puzzle missing.

According to World Supercross rightsholder, Roczen is in negotiations for his own team. Does that mean his own team for this “pilot season” or his own team from next year (summer/autumn)?

Deano only wants to do one more year of Supercross. The 30-year-old didn’t specify which SX series, but I think it’s fair to assume that he means AMA. But he does still need a seat for that, with the likeable Scot out of contract at factory Husky at the end of this term. So let’s assume Wilson can snag a seat for AMA. Unfortunately, that conflicts with VitalMX’s idea of him doing Aussie SX, which runs to almost the end of January. Would a team in the US be okay with that, or would Factory Honda Australia be okay with Wilson ducking out of the final two rounds of the Australian championship?

However, if he went privateer – he’s done it before – that could work, providing his personal sponsors are okay with him missing the hype of A1.

Anstie on a 250 would work if the team want him to hop from one series to the next. He could do WSX, Aussie Supercross, and East coast 250SX in the AMA series.

Todd also fits into this nicely, with the well-travelled Australian already embedded within the team. It would be a great deal for him and good for the Aussie-owned squad to have a home-grown talent in a series owned by an Australian company.

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